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Dream Come True


A dream come true... Normally a phrase like that is meant to be a figure of speech. A phrase we use to describe a sort of joyous moment we've been anticipating for a long time. IN my case, it happened once, quite literally too.

It happened once when I was 12. One night, I was having this dream that I was riding a brown mare along a forest path but I wasn't alone. In front of me was my little brother, riding another brown horse only with white patches. Before him, my younger cousin was riding a blackish-brown pony wearing a yellow shirt. A skinny, tan, middle aged Malay man with a red and white shirt was guiding my horse through the forest. I recalled turning around to see my older sister on a black horse and my other guy cousin on a dappled gray behind her. All of us had men guiding our horses.

I recalled that the sky was slightly overcast and the route we took was very bumpy and at one point we were going up a hill. Just as we reached the top, I just woke up. The dream was still playing in my mind but after a while I forgot about it.

Two years later, my family and my cousins went to this horse ranch in Malaysia where the owner happens to be a friend of my mother. I was really excited when I saw the horses they had saddled for us. Normally, I wanted to ride the black horse or dappled horse I saw they had brought out but instead I found myself seated on a brown mare called Sprinter.

For some reason, I felt satisfied with the choice but I dismissed the thought as my excitement and anticipation to get a move on. When we finally started moving, a slight feeling of nostalgia came over me. Once again, I dismissed it as my excitement. As we began to enter the forest, it occurred to me that my guide appeared somewhat familiar to me. I suddenly became overwhelmed by this strong feeling of deja vu as we trekked down a bumpy forest trail. It was only when we were nearing a small hill it hit me.

I looked in front. My youngest cousin in a yellow shirt riding a blackish-brown pony at the front of the line. My little brother was right in front of me riding a brown and white horse. I was riding a brown horse while my sister and cousin were on black and dappled horses respectively. My guide was wearing a red and white shirt and was tan and skinny. The sky was slightly overcast. Memories of my dream two years go flooded back to me in an instant.

That was my first ever premonition. Heck, it was my only premonition but it was still cool to have experienced it. Have you?

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iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-11)
wow I had the same type thing happen 2 me but of corse it was for my own life XD read my story on my profile I bet it is similar 2 both vinillabean and you Espereon 😉
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
11 years ago (2010-03-28)
Hi! This exact same stuff happens to me on occasion. It just happened again about 3 weeks ago. Unlike so many people on this site, I never have dreams of evil entities... I don't feel anything bad... And I never see death or anything like that. It's mostly random bits of my future. I know it's not a normal "dream." For some reason when I have these precognitive dreams, they stick with me for several days. Even if it doesn't seem super important, I just can't shake off or forget the dream. After several days or a week or so when I finally start to forget, something happens and (like you) the dream comes rushing back to my head. I almost always get premonitions through dreams. Also, the premonitions are often about my own life, so I can never really help others (except for when I communicate with loved ones who have passed... But that's another story for another time).

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