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A Mix Of Gifts?


Gosh, you can start with a hello:) Anyway, Thanks for reading this, and if you help me, thank you. Ok, here's my 'questions'//story: I have always been different, it's like, I don't fit in. Not only at my school or things like that, I mean in the world. I'm affected by the emotions around me, So I think I might be an empath in process, and I see dark shadows in corners sometimes, and whispering under my bed (maybe it's a monster who tries to eat me? I'm joking...) :/ And it's starting to freak me out, anyone know what that is?

Also, I have had a few psychic experiences. Once I was sitting in the car, looking into one of the mirrors, and suddenly my nose was bleeding! I snapped out of it when someone said my name. Later that day, My cousin's nose started to bleed. I also have some dreams who comes true.

My grandma passed away a while ago, and I have a necklace who belongs to her around my neck everyday, it makes me feel so safe:] But we don't know where she got it from! Maybe its a witch who did cast a spell on it?:/ Or maybe it's my grandma watching me:]

Ive also made some psy/chi balls, and I want to learn how to control my element:] Thank you for reading, I know this is a very mixed up post, but hopefully someone will help me. You can email me at;

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elements_controler (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
i have the same problem I know I not that old but when I was say 5-7 I stared to have this kind of thing know I can control it but it is normally liked to your emotions and thus empths are also element controllers. I say just don't try to control it just go about what you do.


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