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Coincidence? I'm Not Sure


For about three years now I have been having dreams of not much significance at the time but when I started noticing details that where happening just days later such as just recently in the news the Sevenoaks Chronicle a deputy head was arrested on child abuse charges it was me and a friend who phoned the police to start an inquiry after I had a dream about bill doing the things in question. Obviously this could be a major coincidence but I knew somehow he was doing it and now because of me hes caught. Also I had a dream about a small boy being found in a lake and a couple of days later the poor child was found he'd slipped in and died from hypothermia the banks where to high to escape, once again coincidence? Dreamt of drowning the next week a local drowns on a hiking trip. And then this one which hasn't come true as yet and I hope it doesn't but I dreamt of a major disaster in the Vatican city rubble people running shouting just because I don't know if it will happen but the others did Bill of Westheath school in Sevenoaks will probably be in jail for a very long time, anyways thanks for reading comments welcomed I was skeptical but am really not sure I will update you on any other dreams I have in the future, bye.

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epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Thanks for sharing your story to me. I really appreciate it. Good day 😊 😉 ❤

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