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I'm an Indigo Adult! What is an Indigo person you might ask? A group of people possessing special traits; beliefs about the traits vary from paranormal abilities (i.e. ESP) to simply being more confident and sensitive.

My Biography

- 04/06/90

My Arrival -

I had taken my first breath back into the third dimension. The price of reincarnation is of course to be born again. I was born on a military base located in bossier city, Louisiana.

- 1993

Demonic Entities -

A demonic figure had risen out of the ground, I hovered out of my body towards him, he started chuckling. He was approximately 7ft in height, he was very pale, he had pitch black eyes and wore black robes. My mother rebuked him, I then hovered back into my body and he went back into the ground and vanished.

Two demonic gigantic spider entities influenced me to pile all my toys and commanded me to go take the utility lighter off the living room table, so I did and I set my bedroom on fire. Both of the demonic entities blocked the entry and back doorways, luckily my mother recognized the smoke and woke my father up, my father got the waterholes from the backyard and extinguished the fire.

- 1995

Murder -

I was outside riding my bike around in the front yard, I sensed this hatred. I looked down the street and saw this man with a mashedy sword in a brown jumpsuit running after me, I knew he was after me and wanted to murder me. I got my brother out of his toy car and we ran in and I told my mother. We called the police and he was arrested for carrying a deadly weapon. I personally believe he was possessed and sent after me to kill me.

- 1999

Prophet -

My mother visited a prophet, the prophet told my mother that I was special and that I had a gift. At the time I was confused and didn't understand what she meant.

- 2001

Past Life Vision -

I was a Norwegian child, I had a brother and sister. I was age 11, my brother was age 13, my sister was age 18. I had light brown hair and hazel eyes, my brother also had light hair and hazel eyes, we both had short hair. My sister had blond hair and blue eyes, her hair came to her shoulders. Me and my brother were arguing/fighting and we distracted our sister, we hit metal railings, we then recked off the cliff into a lake, I drowned.

- 04/06/01

Chronokinesis Experience -

We had a vehicle accident, I had a near death experience, which enabled my first chronokinesis experience. Everything was caught in slow-motion, it was as if we were stuck in a film watching images flash by.

- 2006

Telekinesis Experience -

I had my first telekinetic experience at Pizza Hut. I had a very strong urge for no apparent reason to focus on the straw and make it move, the straw began to move, I was astonished.

- 2007

My Vision -

In this vision it revealed my grandmother's death, which occurred six months after my precognition. My parents also were separated, I'm assuming got divorced. I come across wealth at around age 24, I'm assuming I must have won the lotto or something? Because I am filthy rich.

- 2008

Reprogramming My Belief System -

I decided to overcome my barriers, I discovered that everything that I had known was in-fact a lie, I knew I had greater purpose, I began to understand my destiny. I got deeply involved with my arts, I craved wisdom! My intentions were to prove the existence of our inner-god!

- 2008

My First Telepathic Command -

I exploited some of my abilities on my friend Kristen, for some reason I had an urge to give telepathy a shot. I placed my two index fingers on the side of my forehead, I felt a static sensation from the tips of my fingers, I set the command I stated when, where, and what. I repeated the command auditory and mentally, I repeated it for a good two minutes. The first time it worked I thought it was coincidental, so I did it once again and it worked again, I got a little excited but still was unsure if it was really me, so I got my friend josh as a witness, like right after I sent the command immediately it worked, my friend josh was freaking out.

You see we are all telepathic, it's like learning how to read! If you don't understand the symbols then it doesn't make sense to you, unless you of course understand the symbols. Our minds are like broadcast, we can send and receive vibrations, our thoughts give off vibrations, it is possible to become sync with an individual and perform mind to mind communication, I have experienced it but not with any humans.

- 04/26/08

My First Psi-Ball Experience -

I had a very strong urge, sorta like a command? It was around midnight, I began to focus on the ceiling, I visualized a hole forming from the ceiling, I then thought of a small sphere shape, I was visualizing the chakra colors for some reason, I visualized the color red, the small sphere object then became red, it was of course translucent, it reminded me of lava and blood, I saw three holes forming, they were about the size of pennies, I commanded them to become whole, they then become whole, now it appeared to be a larger sphere object, it wasn't red anymore, it turned pitch black. It looked like a dark orb to me, I was thinking of the chakra crown and the sun, so I commanded it to become bright, it then became bright. I commanded it to come towards my hands, however I lost control/mental focus over it, it went in all directions and went out of my sight and disappeared.

Note: A psi ball is a ball of psychic energy (psi), the creation of which is used to teach basic energy manipulation and programming. They can be programmed to carry out much, much more complicated tasks.

- 2009

Silhouette Figure -

It was approx. 1am, I was taking out the trash. I stepped outside and sensed a presence, I saw this shadow figure, I sensed it was a woman, I said "I see you!", she ran in front of me hunched over like she was creeping along, but when I caught her attention she paused and then teleported behind me, I then sensed her presence behind me. I starred at her for a good three seconds, then she vanished. When I got back inside, I was kind of shocked at how I reacted, I was very calm and didn't react differently towards this earth bound spirit, it was unusual for me to act in this manner.

- 2009

Little Girl Ghost -

I sensed a little girl enter my room, she had blond hair and blue eyes and wore a white dress, she looked about nine years old. I asked her to move a coke can, but she didn't obey me, she was quite stubborn. I was leaning back in my chair and yawning and she jumped out at me, I almost fell over! I told her that wasn't funny and she left.

- 2009

Orbs & Ghost -

My room has been filled with orbs and ghost flashing everywhere, sometimes it can be intimidating. I'd rather be aware of my surroundings then blinded. Fear of course is a sense, it can also be weakness or a strength, varies upon its use;)

- October 2009

Cat Visitation -

My cat freeze died at age eight from ovarian cancer. A couple days after her death I saw her spirit on many occasions. In the backseat of the vehicle, I saw freeze hovering about 1ft in midair, she then rubbed up against my leg. The next time I encountered her she tried to communicate with me through telepathy, but since it was in cat language I couldn't understand it. I promised her that I would resurrect her and give her a new humaniod vessel.

- November 2009

Extraterrestrial In Human Form -

It was approx. 1am, me and my mother were outside and saw this old man out of nowhere walking past our house. We starred at him and observed the way he walked, I sensed his abnormal presence, I knew instantaneously that he wasn't human. I told my brother to grab the hdminiflip recorder, he grabbed it and we got in our vehicle and hunted him down. This extraterrestrial took on the form of an old man, he looked very pale, he was about 6'3" in height, he was bald, he wore overalls. What caught our attention was the way he walked, he walked very strange... With a fast pace. We approached him, I told him I know your an alien and he turned and looked at me very violently. My brother, my mother, and I all witnessed his face shape shift... His nose and mouth were discombobulated then within a blink of an eye he was normal again! Unfortunately my brother is a horrible filmer and didn't catch the incident...

The next day he had his so called son come and give us a visit. This extraterrestrial went by the name Paul, which obviously wasn't his true name, I asked him where he was from and he made up some location in Texas, another indicator that he wasn't from around here. He came to try to convince us believe that they were human, but it didn't fool me!

- 12/26/09

Message From Higher self -

We are a god like species, who is unaware of our god like potential. All that is not of man that of which is awakened knows of our superior existence. Man, gods perfect creation, yet trapped in his own illusion that he perceives as reality.

- December 2009

Astral Contact With Grey Extraterrestrial -

I communicated with an extraterrestrial on the astral plane. This extraterrestrial was a gray species, these grays reside from the zeta-reticuli star system, which is approximately 39 light years from planet earth. They sound very much like bee's and are very telepathic, they are insectiods. The extraterrestrial I came in contact with was otherwise known as greg. I couldn't pronounce his name, so he informed me to call him greg, we communicated through telepathy. Not all words can be translated into English. We discussed technology and about planetary things. He was a very informative entity. I felt very comfortable and relaxed around him, despite our differences.

- 01/14/10

My Spirit Guide -

I asked muriel to give me a sign that she was listening to me, then all sudden like immediately after requesting a sign, I started to hear this snapping noise as if someone was snapping their fingers together, this noise flowed throughout my body and in my ears, I said okay muriel you've caught my attention! Thank you. I usually communicate with muriel through telepathy, though we have communicated through auditory.

- January 2010

Physical Teleportation/Time-Travel Experience -

It was approx. 9am, I was home alone. I felt this overwhelming presence, I was unstable and weak. I went and lied in bed, all sudden my foot felt this sharp pain, my foot began to shift in and out of socket. My body was trying to unground myself from the earths star which keeps me gravitated on the physical plane. Moments later I began to see a portal forming above me, it was reddish and yellowish, I believe it was in its second stage, it had seven more stages before it was complete. The portal was translucent, like a cloud of energy or a vortex. For some reason I kept repeating to myself to take me two years into the future from this exact time and space continuum. I felt a wave go through my entire body, as if my body wasn't even solid. I was lying down in bed observing everything that was happening, It was as if I was lying on air or water. My body felt very strange. I decided to consume the pain in my foot, the portal then closed and I was normal again.

- 03/19/10

Witch Visitation -

Yesterday morning, I woke up this woman was in front of my bed starring at me. She was dressed in black, she wore a pentacle necklace, she had long curly black and gray hair. I asked her, who are you? She replied Tera, she then vanished. My consciousness was stuck between two dimensions, simultaneously information was streaming through my mind. We of course spoke through telepathy. Moments after the experience it dawned on me that she was a Witch. She looked around mid 40's and about 180-220lbs.

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mrbiggz992 (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-16)
Hey codyfromhell you sound pretty knowledgeable and in that case I was hoping I can get a little help from you. I've gone through one experience that I still have no way of understanding and I thought I may be going crazy until I read your post, if it isn't too much trouble please contact me. Thank you
Texan17 (2 stories) (66 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
oh but one thing, I hope you don't lose sight of what's right and wrong, the more you recieve the more you want to think of yourself as above things.
Texan17 (2 stories) (66 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
the more I read about people who are on the level like yours, I some how have a sense of more ease or understanding, almost like I just feel more at one with it all, and I don't question it, I simply just... You know its too much for words to explain. Ha anyway I enjoyed reading.
Texan17 (2 stories) (66 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-17)
hmmmm, wel that's about the most accounts of spiritual ability and accounts iv ever heard from one person. You must be on a very high frequency, but I have a question. You said you had a message from your higher self, how exactly did you "connect" or recieve that message. Was it just out of the blue one day? Or did you focus to get it. Wel I may have ability but I'm not on a frequency like yours, you know when you mentioned your past life vision. You didn't seem very attachted to it, I mean I know it was your past life, but you don't seem to be very caring when you say it like that, almost like your out of the sense of being a human.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Its okay I understand. I do believe that you are an indigo child. Thanks for sharing your experience to me. Good day to you 😊
codyfromhell (2 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
I consider myself an auric amateur, I can see auras but it's like an outer reflection. I can sometimes see colors in auras. Auras caught my attention at a young age from street reflectors, I then began to see auras in every person, object, and thing! Because everything is made up of energy.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Hello codyfromhell
Could you please help me of what my aura color is? I really wanted to know if I was an indigo adult or not. Good day 😊

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