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A Strange Occurrence


Few nights ago I experienced something new. I was just bk from a "smoking" break getting ready to watch a movie, when I froze solid and I heard a voice like no other. It was in my head speaking in foreign tongue which I do not believe exists in any part of this world and the strange thing is I could understand what it was telling me. Now at this point I was scared shiatless and in cold sweat I was rock solid and couldn't move or well didn't think about moving. The voice was deep demonic and so were my thoughts when I tried praying to God. This voice was making my prayers sound pathetic and utterly useless as if it was mocking me.

I do not remember everything that the voice told me but certain words kept getting repeated and each time they had different meaning, every time I focused on the voice it would send chills down my spine. What I do remember being said was something about someone being the "voice of people" or "voice of all" one or the other I do not know who it was referring to.

Also, I noticed that my hearing was affected that as if someone turned the movie volume down just so I could hear the voice and no matter how much id turn up the volume it wouldn't make any difference. So because I was so scared I started calling Jesus for help, but my voice was distorted and was same as the "demons"? This scared me even more. I had to turn all the lights on for the voice to diminish slightly. I finally could focus on the movie and loose the voice. The thing was I don't know what it was maybe a demon, I'm a religious person and some people gave me nickname "Jesus" because of my long hair and appearance. I did the same thing that I did previous day just in order to see whether I was imagining things, and it happened again only this time it was not as intense as first time. This time what I thought was my heart beat turned into a roar/growl that was so terrifying and so very much indescribable by words. I blocked the voice out straight away and sat in dark room in order to face this fear, every moment I thought something would drag me into darkness but I stood still with Jesus in my heart.

For those who choose not to believe in such thing that's their loss, but I promise that this is a true story and I am asking for explanations from people who may have experienced the same thing. I want to know whether I should trust the voice or not, because it hasn't tried to harm me in any physical way, other than nearly scaring me to death...

Can anyone help please?

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danijel (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
Well honestly it was a marijuana break, but I never experienced something like this before I'm usually calm and chilled most of the time. I do a little of meditation but I haven't done it before that night for a long while. It almost felt like I was in a dream when I snapped back I found my self in my bathroom ripping toilet paper and just throwing it into the toilet...
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
what kind of "smoking" break was it? Drugs? Your experience would be not be valid. How would you know what was real and what was drug induced?

So let's say it was tobacco break and these things happened. They are usually prompted to begin because of an energy imbalance or because you picked up some bad energy somewhere. First thing- select a psychic shielding method to protect yourself. I visualize a shiny golden pyramid covering me from head to toes. I put it on every morning and when I go out into crowded places. Next- try and figure out anything you might have brought into your living space recently (antiques or old pictures have great power) or if there has been a change to your physical environment, remodeling, landscaping etc. Then research some banishing rituals. Get the supplies and cleanse yourself and living space. If you can keep a window open to allow the negative energy to exit. Then periodically cleanse your living space at least once a month using smudging herbs or incense.

Love and light... Always
Aeolus (2 stories) (45 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
Demons have attempted to possess me many times. But I think there is too much power in my body. I have began and have been learning so many psychic abilities. And I've also been mastering ki energy. But what I think really keeps the demons away is my ADHD. I'm so hyper I move a lot so I think the demons can't get through my whole body. They usually can only make it my leg. Once they made it through my whole body except for my shin and my head. I started to shake those two parts and I felt more control. If you have any questions you can email me at agentcrusher99 [at]

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