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I Saved My Friend From A Vision


Maybe I knew it would have happened, but for some reason I was able to get there. The night before I had a vision that my friend was going to end up falling from a hill at Whitby (we was vacationing there) and breaking a lot of bones in her body. It was horrible since I could smell, taste and feel everything. All her pain, was mine.

She had left earlier on in the day because she said she wanted to smell the air and walk around... I didn't know where she'd got to but I had to find her before it had happened so I actually ran out of the hotel in my pajamas and ran and I actually had a feeling where she would be. After ten minutes of running towards it I did see her, by herself looking over a massive hill which would have been a long fall. She didn't know I was there but I shouted her name and told her she was on a thin part of the hill which would break off, and as I'd actually said that to her, it started to crack a bit and she jumped off in a matter of seconds towards me. It was so scary because I was only eleven and felt so worried because she could have fell and broke a lot of bones and could have possibly died.

She didn't understand that I had known where she was or how I knew it was going to happen but I told her it was just luck, even though she was suspicious, since then I have constantly had visions about various people and they've always came true.

I look back on the memory now because if I had just left it and thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, she wouldn't be here or she would but badly scared and traumatized. So I am grateful I saved her. But since then I have been confused about how it suddenly came up and hasn't stopped since.

My step dad's auntie has been constantly thinking since I can touch the aura and see it and heal people and the fact I'm caring and nurturing and people feel much calmer around me, that I have the chance of being a healer, whereas me, I think I have a mixture of both, but that isn't for me to decide it is for the vision making etc to decide since I can control which one I will keep... But I am very confused on all of it

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