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Is This Crazy Or Real?


To start off, I never actually thought if these were psychic powers, or empathy or whatever. But to go back to my younger days my mother would tell me about when I was little. If I ever tried to ask her about what type of baby was i? She would say you were a quiet and shy baby. But I overhear my mother one day talking with her friend. She says, I was a quiet baby and what not but one day we were walking together and she turned her back for one second- next thing she knew I'm in the middle of the street when cars both coming from directions. She runs to get me and a miracle how I didn't have a scratch on me. Now I'm hearing this and started to get curious. I beg my mother for other things that happened during my diaper days. She wouldn't go into details.

Moving along. As I grew older I was about 9 or 10 when I would look at myself in the mirror and say" I wish for a older sibling". I repeat the statement over and over. Most of my family relatives would say "Be careful what you wish for".Next thing I knew a couple of months later my mother is expecting. Shocker!

Jumping ahead to now. I'm 16 and most of my friends have boyfriends and my friend, she thinks I'm being left out. Because they all go to the movies or hang out and how would I look being the three wheel. But I told her when the right guy comes along, then I would give it a shot. But my friend can be very insisting. So I finally agree to meet these future boyfriends. I meet one and off the bat my mind is telling me no don't continue to meet him. Like I got a weird vibe from him. But my friend she says "just give it a shot". Big mistake! I should have stuck with what I was telling myself. The guy turns out to be a player and messed around with my feelings.

So basically, what I'm saying is that I know stuff or have this feeling when something bad might happen. But I never listen to myself and get hurt in the process.

A weird experience that happen to me one night I was sleeping and all of a sudden I can't move my body only thing I'm able to move are my eyes. I tried to move my arm or leg but it was hard and I'm fighting it? Maybe it felt like someone was holding me down. I'm not to sure I try to block out it out because my mind keeps replaying it. Now I try to move my head to see what happens. All of a sudden I see this weird light with maybe yellow or gold sparkles. I was so scared that I'm shouting out "MOM!". But no answer. But I do remembering see like a body of someone standing in front of my bed I'm not sure if it was a man or woman?. Questions about what happen to me is still unanswered.

So what I'm asking is from these experiences do anyone knows what's wrong with me? Are these some kind of psychic abilities to look into or am I just crazy in the head?

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xx_sabrina96_xx (3 stories) (44 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-17)
You said it felt like you were being held down.

Which is creepy beacuse that happened to me too. And I totatlly agree with ~Fossilera, about the whole in between sleep thing.

The one day I was at my grandma's and it was... I don't know maybe 7 in the morning?...something like that.
But I woke up not that long ago, and I was laying on my side. My little brother was up playing with his toy cars. He slept on the living room floor, I slept on the couch. Okay but anyway, I was laying on my side, right? But then I turned over so I was facing the celing. I don't know what happened, But my body went all tingly, I couldn't move a single thing. It was like I was paralized by something.
I heared things in my ears. I don't remember what but just whispering. Also I couldn't talk, I was superaware of my body which I couldn't move.
I think I couldn't really breath, and I gasped for my brother "Gage..." but it came out just "Ga..." really small sounding. After that I remember just thinking stop and I think I was calling on someone to help, like "Please make this stop" in my head. But then my head did this twich and I was back.

It was really weird. I was there but I couldn't move at ALL. I remember trying to move my fingurs but I couldn't.

I believe its just what ~ said. I was trapped in between. Cause I was falling a sleep, But it was like BAM!...I couldn't move...

~Sabrina ❤
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-16)
You're not crazy at all.

In regards to your experiences:

2: The "boyfriend" one is an example of empathy. Whenever you get the feeling that "something is not quite right", you should be extra cautious, and listen to what your body & mind our telling you.

The same thing happened to me, in that I tried to go out with a specific person, even though I had a feeling that it would never work out (Part of the reason I still did this was because I got a warning in a dream-check one of my other stories for details).

What you probably felt was the negativity that this person was giving off.

3: The "weird experience" where you were held down might be something called sleep paralysis.

What happens in sleep paralysis is that you are "trapped" between being awake and being asleep.

To put it in a better way: Do you know the feeling when your arm falls asleep? Imagine that your entire body is like that, except you (your mind) is still thinking. That is sleep paralysis.

When you are like this, you may see and/or feel, hear, smell different things. What these are is hallucinations. The hallucinations happen because your mind is trying to explain what's happening to you (which is that you are falling asleep)

And it is a somewhat normal experience. I'm also going to say that it's harmless.

I won't say this was 100% what you experienced, because sometimes it really is an encounter with an entity. But often this is the case.

And if you need to "wake up" from this, here are two things you can try:

-Go with it, and let it happen. If you do this you will either fall asleep, wake up, or enter into a lucid dream (this is the fun option, because you can control your dream)

-Pray to your guardian angel, spirit guide, God, Jesus, or another figure to help you out.

Hope this helps some.

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