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My friends (Maddie and Maddy) and I have been having strange feelings.

I feel like I can connect to the elements. 1.air 2.water When I get REALLY mad or have a lot of energy the wind starts blowing hard. Then when I calm down, so does the wind. With water, I feel like I'm at home. When I'm swimming life comes to me. Plus, I can't even swim above water! I only can swim under. Also I feel connected to fire because when I empty my mind and focus my hands start getting hot and start shaking. I have been practicing though. Lastly, with earth... I talk to plants... I was walking in my grandparents backyard when I stop at the pit (which is a small area of the woods) and started talking to the plants and trees! I didn't even now what I was saying until the end...

Also I can connect with ghost. With me I feel their emotions. I can hear them to. I hate being alone because honestly they sometimes scare me... But I can feel negative and positive feelings. One time I was over my cousin's grandma's house and we were alone. She is really the only person I can talk to about it. That house we were in was over 160 years old and we knew there were ghost around us. I keep staring at this rocking chair that was in the room we were sitting in. I was getting a really weird feeling about that chair and later on when my cousin's grandma came home I found out that her grandma got that chair from her friend's house... After her friend died from cancer!

Another strange thing like that is when I was at my grandma's house I keep on getting a strange feeling about a closet in one of the rooms. Later I found out that the closet lead to the attic! No has ever been up there, even though she has lived there for more than 20 years! And I know from my reactions that there is something up there but my grandma won't let me go up.

And finally I can sometimes read minds. My friends and I an read other peoples minds... One time I was sleeping over my grandparents house (yes, I go over there a lot) and I was cooking noodles for my papa and I. My grandma came into the kitchen and said, "Oh, your cooking noodles..." then I questioned, "You don't like noodles, grandma?" she answered, " I do but when I eat them they look like..." and she didn't finish her sentence. There was a pause. Out of nowhere I heard her thoughts and said, "They look like worms to you?" She was completely shocked by my answer and told me I was correct. She keep on asking how I knew that because before that conversion I never did no that.

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Lyro (468 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-12)
Read other posts... "/ It's called being an elemental. I can control the wind, stop the rain, other can create tornadoes. (But they are better then me: (and that anyways;)
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-12)
i too can make the wind come in stong gusts or gentle breezes I don't know how I do it. And the wind can start up in a second when I want it to even on none windy days

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