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Telekinesis In Progress


I am new to this kind of of stuff and I have been talking to people on her because I thought I was a freak. Well while I was doing that I found out that I could be telekinetic and a little empath. Anyway I was meditating and practicing and I got good results to me. I mean I am very surprised it not like I made something fly but it was cool to me.

Okay this is what happened I was in my room just got done meditating and then I went and tried to practice. Well I took this string and tied it to a bar that was hanging from the ceiling. Then I barley tap it and why it swung tried to push it away and every time I did that until it started not coming to my hand every time my hand would go near it the object on the string pushed away like a magnet. It was amazing and I feel great but I feel a little tired and worn out it is probably because I was trying hard and I wore myself out.

So tell me what you think, how I did for a newbie and for a one day of training. Also tell me some more training tips and advice. Wow sorry if I am writing like a little kid I am so excited though and feeling great. Any ways like I said I feel so much better and all you guys are write I am not a freak I have a gift.


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Haron_Daddy (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-18)
Make yourself a training tool. Go to this link and make a simple PSI Wheel. Http://
Practice makes perfect. Train yourself to use your "chi".

You can check out my story for more in depth info about my telekinesis skills and other abilities.
Toxic_Melody (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-18)
Im with ya. Before I came to comment I went to the bathroom and I checked the windows to make sure no wind was coming through. So I looked at the shower curtain and it moved. It moved like when you poke a shower curtain with one finger. So I tried again. It moved. I am a newbie. But I overworked myself so much on the telekinesis test on this website that it was hard to focus.

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