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I have been practicing telekinesis and empath. Well anyway, I am so freaked out all these weird things keep happening to me. It all started yesterday when me and my friends were having fun and hanging out. Then why we were being stupid I barley shook the lamp and the bulb broke into pieces and shattered every where. It all seemed like it happened in slow motion. I was stunned and so was my friends.

Later when me and my mom were going to this restaurant. The gear shift thing in the car went forward fast when I touched it putting my mom's car in neutral. I freaked out and put it back in drive. It happened again on the way home to, anyway, the next thing that happened before we went home was in the restaurant. I was eating then it was like I went completely brain dead. I don't remember what happened but I snapped out of it and then my plate fell off the table like someone hit it real hard.

Now that you have read the other two paragraphs you will know that I need help. I am confused and wondering when this freak accident stuff is going to stop. What is causing this someone tell me it is making me worried. So if you have any guesses tell me by leaving a comment please. I need all the help I can get.

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LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
I think that you probably do not have control. If you are allowing a spirit to enter your body, you are giving it control. If you are asking a spirit for assistance or guidance, you are again giving them control to come and "help" you. Invite them enough, and they don't have to ask permission anymore.
Shaddix101 (4 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
well its not like I am freaked out it is just that I don't feel like I have control of my gift
LouraFriend (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)

I hope you read my post, as it is lengthy and more detailed than what I put here, but to break down what I believe is happening to you.

1. We are all spiritual beings and stuff from the God side as well as demonic side can occur. They are not all the same side.

2. Coming from my Biblical perspective (don't tune out yet), what good comes from these gifts towards others? In other words, I ask myself if my gifts (as I call them. More on that in my post) are truly beneficial to other people, or do they fill me with fear or pride? If they aren't doing anyone any good, I do not pursue them.

3. The more open I am with others about my experiences, the more I find I am far from alone.

4. I strongly believe and have seen it happen in my own life, that watching certain movies, listening to certain kinds of music, reading certain books (even popular fiction) and playing certain video games or experimenting with tarot cards, Ouija boards, etc. Has a ton to do with obtaining and growing in psychic abilities.

In your case, you have actually been practicing and pursuing telekinesis and empath "skills". If you want it to stop, action should be taken in the above areas as well as stopping at once the things you've been practicing. Being open about what's happening and asking for prayer is also extremely helpful.

5. As I said before, I think there are two sides to spiritual stuff: God's side and not God's side. Neither is neutral and one produces frightening results. If you are creeped out, there is a reason. I know I'm about to make myself sound like a cracked fanatic when I say this, but... I think the "not God's" side are demonic spirits, hence the creepy factor. Demons hate people, but they can be very subtle and manipulative, playing on pride, anger, and fear. Most people are afraid of them, but many others are enticed by them and believe they are the ones in control (that would be an example of pride at work). Based on your story, I would say the demons have you under their control. You went braindead at the restaurant because you have given them control over your body.

My thought is that God gives me "psychic" experiences for my good or for the benefit of others (not what I think would be beneficial, but what God says is). I have never tried to conceal the truth, blast it at people, etc. When I have a "message" I say it gently but plainly and so far no one has "seen the light" and turned from their ways. But that is not my part. Mine is to just deliver the message. Also, so far I have only been given "messages" to other believers or myself.

I do hope you visit my post for more detailed info. I would be glad to answer any other questions too at bigloumedia [at] I will be praying for you in this matter.


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