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How Do I Control These Visions?


I have no one to turn to, so I'm giving this a try.

I'm just a regular teenager with something extraordinary passed down through my family. Let's begin with my great grandmother.

My great grandmother was a very religious woman. She was kind, and wise. My mother told me she was very special for a very good reason. One day, my mother visited her, and my great grandmother told her she was going to die, and that she wanted my mother to take care of herself and be strong. At the time, my great grandmother was fine! She wasn't sick or suicidal. She ended up dying a couple of days later naturally. My mother said when she and my grandma were cleaning out her room a few days later, her perfume she always wore lingered the air and my mother knew she was there.

Fast forward to the present. My grandmother always told me I was special and our family had these psychic happenings, but I never really believed in any of that, until one day. One day I had a dream I was shopping with my father, and in this dream I had the option to pick one of two things. The dream also revealed the consequence of each thing (it was really weird).

Years later, I was sleeping and a deep male voice whispered in my head "It's coming". I suddenly woke up and checked to see if anyone was there - but I was home alone 6 in the morning. Suddenly, my father came in and told me to get dressed because my mom was having the baby.

These small visions in my dreams seem to be very insignificant and quite far into the future - sometimes years! When I wake up from them, it seems as a normal dream where I go about my day and do normal things - later I end up remembering everything in the moment, as if I've lived through it before... These dreams show me everything in my perspective... Every little twitch of the eye and every though - yes, in these visions I even see myself think "Oh yeah I remember this from a dream".

These are happening much more frequently this year and I really want to expand and learn to control this, not conceal it. Is there anyway for me to remember these visions fully, and even gain knowledge from them?

Please help me figure out what's going on, and how to control it. Thank you for your responses.

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shahidutz (21 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
as you told about your family, so commonly something transfer in you, or call it God gifted, I have same and it took years but when I was 15 to 16 it was so much strong,
I could see what will happen after an hour, even many many things, some peoples say your sixth sense work so well, some call yu have God gifted, so dear keep in normal, maybe it will hurts after time to know many things as should to be hide from us.
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
I keep a journal and log everything down as far as controlling what comes in you really have to work at it. Lots of info here and to there are many books to pick from that can offer some techniques try what works best for you.
Take care
emofuturewatcher22 (3 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-22)
heres what I do I sit down in a quiet area with nothing on except the lights then I get a piece of paper and a pencil and I close my eyes and think of my dream and try to figure out what it is dealing with and I write everything that I'm thinking down. Then I fold it up mark the date on it I put in a box that I put all notes like that in and when it happens I can read it and remember to control it would be hard because no matter what your going to have visions even the simple ones. For me I have them everyday at school.
indianseeker (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-22)
Dear 'Regular Teenager',
Would suggest please believe in the above first - that you are a regular teenager! Fact is that each one of us (without fail) has some 'strange' ability embedded in us from birth - it is just that we seldom dicuss it openly and so feel weird about having such a capability. And if and when we do gather courage (like you have) to share it, since few others possess the 'same' ability, the 'am alone with this weirdness' only gets emphasized.
You do not know what to do with this ability - just have patience. You are (after so many years) finally becoming aware of this ability. This is good. But you are finding it strange - but it is not strange. Only then will you even be allowed to use it. When and how to use this ability will be revealed when you have learnt to accept it first - so just learn to accept it for now. Do not block it under any circumstances. Do not be afraid of it. And also do not exult and try not to feel pride about it (as will tend to happen when you eventually learn to accept it).
As of now you need to just learn to accept it as regular - FOR YOU.
Karma884 (1 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-21)
Well first. You need to get to know the power you have. Secondly you need pratice to control it.

You should get advice from people in your family and how to do it. If you don't want to. Well your going to have to do it your self.

I don't know your power because mines alil diffrent. I sense the dead. And feel spirits feeling's even other peoples. And I do spell's I'm my own witch

One way you can keep track of what your seeing. Is to write it down.
Everthing to a T

Now for the controle part. How I did it was.
to blocked it out and I don't focues on it. I don't know if the blocking will help. But you won't know until you try. Don't get stressed and just clear your mind. Listen to relaxing music or read your book.

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