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Feeling My Friend Who Passed On


In August 9, 2005 I was throwing my best friend (Jess) her 21st b-day. My other best friend Morgan came too. All our good friends came over and had a good time. That year my brothers best friend had come back in M-Town (Middletown NY).

I grew up with my brother's bests friend. His Name was Darnel "Bullet" Clarke. And in our school he was the fastest kid on the football team-- faster then a speeding bullet. And he loved every minute of it. Bullet used to live also with us. He chilled a lot with my brother down stairs in my house at the time. My brother and my friend Armondo were talking about him. My brother grabbed the bottle out of my friends Jess hands. And joking saying "THIS IS FOR ALL MY HOMIES" we all laughed.

Well the following day was like any other day. I was in my room when I got a call from my friend Morgan that my brother's best friend died in the Delaware river in Port Jervise Ny, Ny on August 10th 2005 at four in the after noon. I was crushed because before all that I saw him a few weeks before he passed. I only got one hug from him.

Well that night I had a hard time sleeping. I remember I was watching TV and it was late. I was feeling like someone was in my room sitting on my bed. I could not see him or hear him. But I heard him in my head? But I could feel him. I got a warm feeling. Feeling like he felt mad. Like regret. Why did I do it? Why did I jump? I felt like he did not want to go. I felt all his emotions: ANGER, SAD, CONFUSED. I felt he wanted to say sorry to my brother. & felt how sad and disappointed he was. I left my light on because I felt like he was in my room almost like he was walking back and 4th.

I always had theses senses. But it kind of scared me. And it was hard because one I knew him and two I felt him even more because I new him personally.

Well a couple of weeks after the funeral, I had a dream of him.

I guess I was in a field. There were hills of grass and trees. The sun was rising and everything was gold. I was rolling down the hills laughing or something of that nature. I look to my left, and bullet was laying next to me & smiling this bright light around him. I remember him being affectionate and I woke up.

A month after Bullet's passing, my friend Jess spent the night over.

It was six AM in the morning. I was partially awake turning over. Nobody was up or awake. We spent the night down stairs. I KID YOU NOT! I heard someone talking as clear as day. Someone saying

"Jess wake up... Wake up Jess." Coming from behind my couch. Now I was facing Jess. It was not coming from her. It sounded like two people were in the room. The voice's sounded different. IT WAS CLEAR AS DAY! NO FREAKING LIE!

So I go to turn over. Then I heard " Ria... Ria wake up... Wake up Ria". At that point I was wide awake. So the minute it stopped,. I looked behind the couch scared to shiat. NOW I do not hear ghosts, I sense them. Nobody was there. Why was I really hearing them?

Now it was not the 1st time I heard stuff in my house OLD HOUSE.

Two of my ex b/f'S heard stuff my mom to.


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Badpesta (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-25)
First of all, I want to say I am sorry that someone replied to your post and reprimanded you on the way in which you posted your post and also on your grammar as well (sad face for you). I am glad that you posted your concerns here. When I was young, I had no one to turn to with my questions about the supernatural world that I was tuned into, and I would have given anything for someone to listen, understand and help me. But a lot of people forget that they too had a hard time dealing with the supernatural when they were young, or they were privileged enough to have someone around them explaining all of the "weirdness" that can go on in this world (smile).

Now to answer your question (smile): Bullet obviously communicated with you after he died, and he also communicated with you in your dream too. Right after a person dies, that person will go to whomever they feel is the most receptive to communicate with. They want someone to know how they felt about their death, or they want to let someone know that they are okay and they want someone to relay a message from them to someone else. You got chose by Bullet to know how he felt about his death and you also got chose to know how he felt after he assimilated/processed his death. So yes, you did hear Bullet talking to you. Bullet was in your room right after he died, and Bullet let you know in your dream that he was "okay now" with his death.
plundyman (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-23)
we believe you, no need to yell. And it was painful to read it with that horrible text speak, I'm sorry its back and forth not back and 4th.

But anyway. You should try to talk back to him, see what he wants to tell you. He's obviously here for a reason, so find out that reason.

Hope that helps!

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