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I haven't really written or spoken with many people about any of my experiences. They started when I was really young and I learned quickly that talking about them just got you sent to talk to someone about your life, mostly the school consular. However upon finding this site I feel the need to share mostly because what I "see" and "hear" I have not really heard others speak about before and would wish to see what the readers here will think of them. I don't consider myself psychic in any way, but would like to know if it is a true ability or just a small insanity on my part. I believe it to be the former but sometimes I wonder.

I have always seen and heard things. The earliest I remember starts before I entered kindergarten (20 years ago now). The visions could last seconds or minutes. Now they were often very benign. One time when I was 4 or so I remember clearly watching a man walk across my bedroom, from through our second story wall into my closet, dressed in a very stereotypical early 1980's outfit and listing to an incredibly large (by today's standards) walkman. I ran out and told my parents. My dad still remembers this. A few years later my younger brother and I were watching the rain and a bike marathon passed by. They came out of the forest, rode through our driveway and into a hill under which was our septic tank. I described this to my brother which started him crying getting me in trouble. These types of things happened all the time. I believed that what I saw were other dimensions. In a diary I kept from second grade I wrote about "people from the other places". That was how I described them. Now as a child I did have a very active imagination. I had to, as my parents were against television for children and I was limited to 2 hours total of television a week (this included tv, movies and later computer and game systems).

I also started having what I have termed "continuation dreams". These were dreams that would start one night and later continue right where they had left off another night. In these dreams weeks and months could pass. They would not seem anything like normal dreams. Where in normal dreams you have the symbolic images and the jumping around feeling these would be like real life. Time would pass what seemed normally, no jumping or skipping from one scene to the next. I was almost always me in these dreams but a different me, again almost like I was living a portion of my life in another dimension. Upon waking I usually had to fight to remember what the day was or what had happened the previous day because I would literally have at least whole days worth of new memories. These dreams would continue for nights or weeks until whatever segment of events was completed. Some of these have been very normal and some of these have been horrifying.

I have also always had what I call "real dreams". These are dreams that tend to come true. They act just like my continuation dreams where it is like really living life, however these are always really me and usually are only one night and cover only a few hours or a day of time. After these dreams I often think that the events really happened. They however were almost never important events just everyday occurrences. As a child this once meant dreaming of a school day where halfway through the day a new student was introduced to the class. The next day when the teacher started a lecture I had already heard the night before I got out a book to read and waited for the new student to arrive which she did. (Teachers often let me read in class- I had usually already finished reading the textbooks through within the first month of the school year-I was a teachers pet). I have normal dreams that have events in them that come true as well, but usually I assume those are just my subconscious doing a good job of interpretation and projection of current events.

All of these things, the seeing and hearing people, and dreams still happen fairly regularly. I have since I was little believed I was seeing into other dimensions, sometimes our own, and seeing different events. I have also in the back of my mind always believed I was crazy because I have not heard of anyone else seeing into other dimensions (other then spiritual planes or astral projecting) and believing this and therefore what I saw could not be true. I never really thought about posting it until an event that started almost three years ago now. A co worker who ran her own psychic business offered to do a reading on me, though that was not how she had worded it. I had just graduate college and was moving out of state. We were talking about weather my boyfriend and I had talked about getting married and she asked if I wanted to know anything. I said sure and she did a reading. She told me a little about a health situation my mom was in (which was true though I had never mentioned it to any one at work, it was nothing serious just inconvenient for her). She then told me that my boyfriend would propose in August of that year and we would get married the next fall. Now I tried not to think about it encase I got my hopes up and it was false (I also didn't really tell anyone about it because my family is very Christian and would not have approved). I however did ask around at work and read up more about her business and found many people said her predictions were very accurate. They were not for me however. August passed as did the next August before my boyfriend proposed on Christmas eve. We will be getting married in summer. I have begun to wonder if maybe since everyone else said she was accurate that maybe she was seeing another place where I did get engaged that August. I have also begun to think maybe I am not crazy.

Anyway, any comments would be welcome since I would like to know what others think about all this. I know seeing into other dimensions is not one of those listed abilities but again I have seen things since I was little and had dreams that come true word for word so I know it can't all be my imagination. Since I hear, see or dream things at average around twice a month (sometimes a lot more, sometimes less) this is only a summary to show you a little of everything that happens. Thanks for reading this, I know it was long.

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timoteo (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-10)
Hi, I know it has been a long time since you posted but as soon as I seen this I had to try
I have had similar expiriences and I believe they were other dimentions. I don't care what these people say that are trying to find logic in their explanations. You are not crazy. I have found ways I have had dreams that were just silly but happened the following day just like you. I have expiriences of knowing stuff I shouldn't know because I was never taught about it. I have seen things right before they happened and things others didn't. I know how you feel, I thought I was insane because I could see spirits and I seen demons around people. I was so clear and knew so much about everything. It happened because I chose bad relationships and if I get close to someone they cannot lie to me without me knowing. I told them what they were doing even when they were miles away and I had no hint or thought I, I just knew. But this drove me nuts because they continued to lie even though I knew and over and over this would go on and eventually I could not tell the difference and I started feeling bad and having anxiety attacks. Anyways I hope you are still here I would love to talk to you about this.
twinkles390 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-04-17)
i think I have a pretty interesting awnser to your question, I have had extremely similar expieriences my whole life, and I found a sure fire way to SEE. Would seriously prefer not to comment on this publicly 😕 my name is lynn email me at bllll [at] subject = lucid
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-03)
Years ago, I experienced 'continuation dreams' in my early teens my parents would listen explanation given at the time 'it's just a dream. I eventually gave up asking just went with the flow of dreams some lasting 3 days others a week or two. Very strange, all dreams having ending like a story. In having an nde at 16, this seemed to escalate psychic dreams in-between normal and continuation dreams. What I noticed prior to slipping into this dimensional state is a moment of instantaneous waking a knowing of traveling within the subconscious thought. Here is a good example on quantum teleportation of thought via dream state.
Dr. Edgar Cayce during his 'sleep state' accessed another dimensional universe, which provided medical treatments to use on his patients upon his return to his own reality. In reading some of his books I would say he had 'continuation informative dreams' sleeping for a period of time waking only to return picking up right were he left off at. Who knows maybe we all coexist on some level or another in other dimensions while we sleep and that this is where we gather psychic information from to bring it into our reality.
meradin (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-29)
First off, I think the seeing other things where they are not there is you seeing into parallel universes that might have been in this one but didn't, but is in the other due to other happenings. This could also be the same with the proposal, but it changed somehow. Secondly, I am not positive about the continuous dreams, but if it helps I have read a book series that sounds a lot like what you are talking about. The series called "Books of History Cronicles" by Ted Dekker, if you want to check them out.
brooke_wortham (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
I don't really believe in other dimensions because I have had no alien experiences. I believe that there is this plane and then there is the spiritual plane and that's it.
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)

Just to let you know. Its going to be rather difficult finding decent info on the different planes of existence since this is knowledge that has been suppressed by those in power. The best way to learn about occult (don't mix up the word "occult" with the word "cult" they are completely different) knowledge is finding a "master" who will teach you or since you already posses natural abilities you can probably get first hand knowledge of the etheric plane and from there you can make it to the astral plane.
Texan17 (2 stories) (66 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
i believe you may have a special case, maybe because of the fact you are open to the other dimensions including the future dimensions, you are able yo change the outcome. Think of it, our sub concious controls and hold our ability therefor when you see a dimension maybe sub conciously you do not like the outcome or the way that other dimension is so you change it sub conciously without your concious level knowing it. They say our sub concious is our higher self, as its us but our trueself, as our concious is us only with limits set on us, just as how our sub concious is of the otherside limitless to the boundaries of the physical world, so when the psychic gave you the reading maybe she saw the future dimesion in which was going to occur but sub connciously maybe deep down you did not want the proposal to happen so you changed it withouut your concious knowing. If you have the aability to connect withe other dimensions, its very likly you are able to connect with other realms as well, I recommend you look into astral projection, hope this helps, cya
Pijuk (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
Thank you guys for posting. Stark I will definitely read about the etheric plane.
Lyro, it's good to hear from another Christian. I like the wording "looking through someones else eyes." Lasker2 could you tell me more about the "teams" you are talking about? It sounds interesting. I've had friends who do enjoy getting drunk who have said what they see is so real and wondered if they were seeing another reality. It makes sense.
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
well, it sounds like these "continuation dreams" you have are merely you living in your etheric plane of existence (the plane that comes before the astral plane). Which if my research proves right then it is the inner plane of existence. In essence another form of existence that resides deep within every single person's consciousness. Don't get discouraged if people call you "crazy" when in reality those people whom call you crazy are in fact the crazy ones' for denying the metaphysical side of life.

There are many "bodies" that "one" has. If memory serves me right then those bodies are: the mental,physical,etheric, and astral (I think there's one more) I look at this "physical" plane of existence as a sort of "soul school" in which we learn for the after life and not caring for such trifles such as material possessions that can't be taken with us in our death. Knowledge and our loved ones are the only things that are necessary for the after life.
Lyro (468 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
And then there are places that certain people are meant to see. Such as Guardians have a place called the Ether, and that's where everything they need are located, and their will is basically made true. It's also the place they look after the ones they are to protect, and help. It's actually really cool. To me, it's like looking through someones else eyes while staying where you are. It's also used for training and stuff. (Also, I too am a christian, and my parents don't know anything about the... Well, basically the 2nd me.)
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-27)
I was once in California when I stumbled into a parallel dimension - I had been going to school there at the time.

In this place I could see cars going through traffic which had no drivers and no passengers. The cars were empty and yet still moved and parked like people were driving them - though I noticed it was only cars with certain colors that had no drivers from my perspective, as some had drivers and others didn't.

It was also around this time when I became aware of some elaborate game where different colors on things represent different teams, whereas before I had not really thought to see reality in these terms - yet we're all apparently part of this game, even if we're not aware of it.

But to answer your overall question: yes, there are what you might call "soul societies" where people from different eras collect together to live in their afterlife, and then there are parallel dimensions that occupy the same spaces we use but are on different vibration channels.

Whenever you hear of someone getting high or drunk and seeing something that others don't, they've altered their view to see these alternative dimensions.

And while drugs are one way to see alternative realities, some people can see these alternative places while sober, and it is just a naturally occurring thing for them.

The reason why involves contact with these other dimensions: either in a past life you had the ability, or when you were born something happened which connected your aura to the other realms.

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