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I am almost 26 years old and just over a year ago one of my best friends introduced me to his new neighbor, cutting a long story short he is a spiritual medium just a few years older than me and after a long talk speaking about some personal experiences in my past whereby I have predicted random events and read peoples emotions and thoughts and not meaning to do it. He advised me our meeting was not by chance and there was a job we were here to do. I never before spoke of my experiences as society would have me think that I'm either nuts or smoking some kind of class B drug.

Moving on, me my best friend and my newly found friend have been visiting places to assist spirits trapped in limbo and uncovered some sad and happy stories, for example we came across a group of around 12 women who were trapped, they were from the middle east can't specify a country unfortunately - I'm still in training so to speak, they were shipped over and promised a good life in uk if they worked for their living, little did they know that their work would be to sell their bodies to sailors staying at the port, after refusing to do such things they were abused and murdered, we basically advised them of why they were where they were and opened up a gateway through which they could reach there spiritual destination.

Hundreds of years later skeletons were found in a cave where we went and the clothing they were draped in contained a couple of middle eastern coins, this is actually documented in newspapers but we didn't know this at the time and were fascinated to find this out.

Anyway I am new to this site and it would be good to hear if there are other people out there who have performed this work as any advice is good advice.

Thank you

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-07)
If you are a psychic medium, or ghost hunter (like dinky52), you attract ALL spirits, because you asked for it! Demons can disguise themselves as ghosts, spirits of the dead, spirit guides or animals, angels, aliens, you name it! How do you help a spirit go into the light? Just by telling it: "go to the light"? I don't think it's that simple... You need the help of a higher spiritual power, because you have NO supernatural authority to help the dead person... And you're not God, or a saint (are you?). My advice, which is proven (take it or leave it), is: Pray to God, and fast from meat and dairy for that dead person. Also give your time and money to help disadvantaged people and orphans, in the dead person's name/memory. This helps ALOT! Good luck, God bless!
dinky52 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-01)
I've been a "ghost hunter" for about 5 years & started hearing spirits outside of evp about 6 months ago. Lately I have felt touch & was shaken awake yesterday. I am aware I have brought spirits home with me, & find this new touching thing unsettling. I have been attempting to help cross over souls for a while now, & have heard the appreciation, although I have encountered a couple of nasty customers. I have little, if any fear, so I just shine them on & continue my work.
I have never thought of myself as a psychic, but now understand I am more sensitive than most, or I wouldn't hear the voices so easily.
I asked a couple of nights ago if I was still needed & was given assurances that I was. My think is, I need names to help call upon crossed over family members to help lift them up into the light. I find spirits are very shy about giving names, even my family members will just say, "it's me", or "I'm here".
Good luck, stay fearless.
Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
Hey there
I also help spirits who are lost to cross over. Some do not believe they deserve to cross over as they committed a crime or as a result of their actions caused the death of a relative or friend. Sometimes they are too attached to material things like money or property. Sometimes their addictions keep them from crossing over. In your experience the probable cause of those women not crossing over is trauma.
I hope you continue to assist your friend to help spirits cross over. It is truly a blessing.
If you want to speak to me further about anything please email me.
Luv & light always

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