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Midnight Manifestation?


I'm a normal bloke, I have a mobile phone and an Ipod. My girlfriend also being a 21st century lady has the same (I'll elaborate on this later). However, unlike your everyday person I am a practicing medium who has a specific spiritual position to fulfill along with two of my friends. My teacher is my friend and his mother who have a lifetime each of experience with mediumship. I often visit my friend's house and talk with his mother about experiences and advice etc.

Me and my friends have already been advised that there are a lot of negative entities that aren't happy about us doing the work we are doing (apologies for the secrecy of our "job" if you like but its imperative to its cause). Anyway my friends mother asked me the other day if I had come across anything that appeared to be not of human form, puzzled I asked for some elaboration on this as I'm still fairly new to my mediumistic abilities but when with my friends working it comes quite naturally. She went on to re-confirm that me and my friends will come across some bad and evil entities that will attempt to throw a spanner in the works and that at some point I may come across a creature that seems un-earthly in terms of origin. She put it across as a mere query; being extra perceptive I felt the warning tone her voice carried. She tends not to say too much as our lives are our journey and she is there for advice and teaching but does not want to completely influence our thoughts and/or feelings, understandably.

Time to elaborate back on the mobile phones and Ipod, my phone can last around 3 days on a full charge on normal usage, and my Ipod roughly the same on normal usage, which is what I had been using them for, no long calls or internet surfing or app usage just day to day stuff.

Last night I found myself waking up regularly but having no reason why, at one point I awoke to the dog barking which he seldom does during the night. I finally awoke in the morning and my girlfriend told me her phone had been plugged in all night on charge and its battery was only half full, naturally I thought maybe there had been a power cut during the night, which would explain it. That was until I checked my phone which before I went to sleep had pretty much a full battery being fully charged the previous night, it was now dead and had zero battery, at this point I found it odd, next to my phone was my Ipod which like my phone was fully charged the previous night, the battery on my Ipod was in the red, there was nothing else battery powered around to check. As you can imagine I am pretty baffled by this and one theory I have played with is that I have read somewhere that some, more negative types of spirit can drain electrical energy to manifest and become stronger.

Which is where you lovely people come in, as much as I am a medium and new to It all I have yet to experience anything like a negative entity or electrical equipment malfunctioning, I am wondering if anyone can elaborate on my theory or has had a similar experience?

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third-of-three (2 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-18)
I probably didn't quite explain myself correctly reading it back I think I have been vague and used the word "negative" too strongly, I agree with Adryn7 I haven't had first hand experience with this kind of thing... Yet! But I believe it is possible too, I give off quite a lot of energy and my aura is large, sometimes to the the point where I feel myself physically vibrating and my heart beat is like a huge drum in my chest, and I sometimes think I un-knowingly drain people around me which I am trying to get to grips with! But I'm an ancient soul. Lindajean - you registered to this site on my 26th birthday which maybe more significant than first appearence:)
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-18)
The fact that all your equipment was drained at the same time is too much of a coincidence for my liking. I do think your equipment was drained by something supernatural. Not all spirits that are psychic vampires are "bad"--many of them are just lost. And I think its nice they chose to drain your electrical equipment rather than you.

Thanks for sharing
lindajean (5 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-17)
Don't read more into it than it really is 😊 Negative entities only come into our lives if we let them. I always ask my guides to protect me and surround me and my family with a white light. I have never encounted a negative entity, nor do I ever want to. If you have a neg spirit with you, fear will only make it stronger and harder to get rid of. If you ever feel something that feels creepy or neg, just say "Leave" with a very firm voice, it should leave. If it's too late, and you have let a neg entity enter your life, and it is stronger, you may need a strong medium to get rid of it. Nothing unseen cannot hurt you. Don't listen to anyone that says they were physically hurt by an unseen neg entity, they are not physical, they are just energy! They can only play with your mind and scare you, that's it! Don't believe me? Just wait and see if it hurts you physically. It can't! ❤

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