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A Dream That Someone Had Died


I am fairly young and have had a few unusual experiences in my life. Me and my great-grandmother were not very close, she was in a nursing home for most of my life, but for some reason I always felt intrigued by her. Like her life had a special story. Though she could not talk I was constantly asking questions about her. One night I had a dream that someone had died, I admit I didn't know exactly who but I clearly recognized the person as a woman. The dream was the scariest I have ever had and petrified I ran to my parents room and told them all about it. They tried reassuring me but I was very worked up. Finally I was able to stop sobbing (it was 6 in the morning at this point). I had awakened the whole house and my parents got up to check the answering machine. My mom looked over to me and said, "your great grandmother has died" I took the news with almost no problem at all. I think self-consciously I already knew.

Also, sometimes I get this feeling that something is wrong, this little tingling that sends chills down my back and makes me very nervous. My grandmother who is still living today has also had extremely similar coincidences to mine, instinctively knowing someone has died.

Another happening was when I was having nightmares someone was outside. Suddenly a police man showed up at the door, saying that our neighbors had called 911 because someone was outside our house at 12 at night claiming they were from a bank. I try to tell my friends of these things, they listen, but truly I don't think they believe me. My parents try to tell me its not true that I have this gift. On the little remote telekinesis test though I got the very first picture almost exactly correct, only to find that I could not focus enough to do it again. I am very confused as I am constantly getting mixed answers. I somewhat fear being told I have special abilities yet I also think it would be amazing. I hope that someone understands this and can tell me if they truly believe I am physic or not.

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Nikkichi (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-21)
ok... Reading your story made me have goosebumps... Because we're exactly the same in the dream part... I'm not sure if I have the ability yet (and I certainly don't want it), since I've only experience it once (have it a month ago. My aunt had a miscarraige and the baby died. I dreamt about her baby). I'm not really sure what to advice to you since I seriously do not understand about these things yet. But my mother definitely have the ability to be able to dream about some one important to her before they die. She said when she first had it she didn't thought of anything of it. But after a while she finally realized that she have the ability. The stronger the relationship she have with the person who is dying the more she sees them in her dreams.
demonicrevenge (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-29)
Hmm your definatly in the primary stages of becoming a psycic. I know because I'm in a similar situation myself being a 14 year old male I told one of my closets freinds and she thinks I'm goign insane but I'm not since I have proved to myself and one of my other close freinds that I am one. Whatever anyone says don't believe them. Keep an open mind but you are a psycic. 😁
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
Don't worry about the spelling, what matters is the story you tell.

The things you describe are fairly common: when someone thinks about a psychic in an intense moment, that psychic will see an image of who's thinking of them, and may even be drawn to view them through astral projection.

Your other traits are along similar lines, as heightened emotions reverberate through the ether, letting sensitives know when something is wrong.

Adult sensitives can sense danger on a global level.

You should read up on Shari Arison:


sameenar2323 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
I am so embarassed that I spelled psychic wrong through this whole thing. My dad recently got this new spell checker on a trial base for our computer. I am unusually horrible at mechanics so I had written my story on the program first to be able to use spell checker. Without my knowing though the new trial spell checker changed all of my psychic's to physic's. Well then guess we won't be keeping this new program...

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