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My Grandfather's Spirit?


For about a year now, I've been experimenting with OBEs, Psychic Abilities, and Channeling a higher power. I have just began the art of meditation and I believe my spirit guides are trying to tell me something.

About 10 years ago, my grandfather passed away on new years eve when he was walking down the street from my home. He was hit by a car. Several weeks ago, I was driving home alone late one night. I was having this eerie deja vu that lasted for maybe 2 minutes. It was like I was reliving a dream, word for word, and angle for angle. I had a feeling that something significant was about to happen due to this long lasting deja vu. Usually when I get deja vu it lasts for a second, and is only triggered when I look at an object at a certain angle at the right time. As I was driving up the hillside towards home, a voice popped into my head, "I might see a ghost tonight." I don't know why this thought popped into my head, and I was sure it was not my own thought. I was deep in meditation at this point, having a spiritual experience. As I continued up the road, I could see a dark shadow cross from the right side of the road, to the left. At first I figured it was just someone crossing the road... But as I watched, it seemed that this shadow was not human. It was very dark, and I couldn't see its face. And the way it ran across the street was as if it were gliding, pretty quickly. At the point where I passed through next to it, and I still hadn't gotten the thought into my head yet that this could be a ghost, I thought of my grandfather. A feeling rushed through me and I began to cry. Then I put two & two together and realized that at the exact area where he ran across the street was where he was killed. And due to its inhuman qualities, I thought it may have been my grandfathers ghost. Furthermore, he was wearing a black leather jacket with a Harley Davidson emblem on the back. This confirmed in my head that it could have been him because I know that he had a Harley Davidson and would ride every now and then. However, I confirmed later that he was wearing a black leather jacket on new years eve, but didn't own a Harley Davidson jacket. Could it have been my grandfather's way to grab my attention?

The very next day, the thought was still fresh in my head. Was I imagining this? Am I going crazy? Driving home with my sister in the daylight, I told myself... If I'm not going crazy, I HAVE to see something to confirm what I saw the night before. So as I approached the area, it was like my mind began re-enacting exactly the scenario from the previous night. My eyes were drawn from the right side of the road to the left, exactly how it had happened. And the point that I passed through, I saw a distortion in the road... The exact position he was in at the exact moment. This distortion is hard to describe. It was as if someone had placed a large glass in the middle of the road. I could see the faint outline of a figure, but since it was in the daylight, it was no longer a dark shadows. Then... The same feeling swept over me and my eyes swelled with tears. My sister was with me and up until now I hadn't told anyone of my experience for fear of me being crazy. I just had to tell someone... My heart was thumping in my chest. So I told my sister what I saw and we drove by again to say hi. I warned her please not to tell anyone, especially my parents. She agreed.

The day after that, I went to my other grandparent's house. My grandfather calls me in to his room to show me an old video. The video is a tape recording of the local news the week my grandfather passed away. The reporter was talking about his tragic death, and showed a map of my hometown with a star near where it happened. I confirmed with my sister that she had not told anyone about my experience. Could this be a coincidence? Did I cause this to happen? Or is my grandfather trying to tell me something?

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creeaytivfe (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-16)
[at ghostgirl] thank you for your help. And I forgot to mention that I had prayed that night after the video. I asked for a sign that I wasn't going crazy and imagining... Or causing this to happen. And I guess this could also be directed to [revsilverson]. But the morning after that prayer I recieved 2 text messages from a number I am unfamiliar with. The first said "i have so many pictures and music." and the second was a picture. The picture was the sign of the cross, jesus' hands around the cross beaming light, above the cross was a crown of thorns, and below the cross, a white bird flying. Now, why would a number like that randomly send me a picture like that? I responded to the text, asking them who it was? No reply. Several hours later I get another text from that number. "do you want music?" again, I asked them who it was. No reply. Could all of these events really just be a bizzare set of coincidences? Or do you still believe I am causing them to happen?
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-15)
you are making this happen. I sense this occurance was around the time of year your grandfather died hence the video with his death. Sometimes there is a thick energy wall that seems to be a lens- it reveals what has happened in the past over and over again. This is a one time occurance. You are overly sensitive to it and trying to make more out of it than it is.

Love and light... Always
ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-14)
First, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfathers death.
Second, your grandfather might be trying to tell you something from beyond the grave. I personally have a theroy about ghosts. That they're only hear becasue they died when they weren't suppose to, and hence forthe have an "inncomplete life" and they most do something, tell someone something, etc...
Your grandfather might need your help.
I suggest finding someone who can talk to spirits. Be careful, because they're are some sick people out there who will use your experience for cash. Always find a local person (not over the internet) and meet with them in person. If they charge you money, they are more than likely a fake.

Hope this helps!
-Lolli ❤

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