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My Possible Twin Flame Journey?


As mentioned in my other posts, I began what I believe has been a spiritual journey about a YEAR AGO. I became interested in having OBEs, Channeling, and Psychic Abilities. I also am aware of the power of now, the law of attraction, and the significance of the energy that exists within each of us, and our entire universe. During prayer, and pretty much the majority of my life I have asked for God to guide me down the right path in life, so I can discover who I really am, and what I am destined to do this lifetime. I have also prayed that I would someday find my true soul mate, someone who would love me unconditionally. It was about a YEAR AGO that I met my possible twin flame. Could it be that my soul is sending me down this path because I am meant to find him during this lifetime?

When I first met him, there was an immediate attraction. I was new in town and was a tad shy, so I didn't initiate anything. All night I felt a great tension between us, as if our energies were emerging even though no words were exchanged and we were at opposite sides of the room. When he said goodbye, I noticed I was the only girl in the room who he kissed on the cheek. I got butterflies. I asked my roommate about him, and She told me he had a girlfriend, and she was from out of town, but was flying in to see him the next week. The best part is, he is from the same state I grew up in all my life... Going to college in another state, where I now reside.

The next week he stopped by my apartment with his girlfriend. He took his girlfriend out onto our balcony and was describing the view to her. I listened in shock. I realized that the way he described it (ex: the contrasting colors, how symmetrical the design of the courtyard is), was in a similar manner that I, Myself, was describing to my best friend two weeks earlier, before we even met. We were both describing it in terms that we had learned in art school. I am going to fashion school, and he is an artist going to art school. I called my friend after he left and told her what happened. "Maybe he is your soulmate." she told me.

Anyways, soon enough, he split with his girlfriend, and he and I started a fling. However, this did not last very long, and I didn't pursue it any further because he was leaving to RETURN HOME due to financial circumstances in just a few weeks. During those weeks, we never even exchanged numbers. But we'd somehow end up doing the same things and be together at the end of the night. It was like we both left it up to fate to bring us together. Honestly, I wasn't even concerned about getting his number because I somehow just KNEW we'd end up together. But as the days drew nearer, I asked for his number. So we could spend one last time together. When he left, I guess we kind of left each other hanging. I know the connection was there and I really began to develop feelings for him. But I soon forgot about him, thinking I would probably never see him again.

I was wrong, about 6 months later, rumors circulated that he was back in town. I saw him at a few parties, but I thought he hated me because he never seemed interested enough. I was happy to see him, and all of my attraction was reignited, but I was at the time in a committed relationship for about 2 months prior. So... I didn't initiate anything. Then, he called one night. I was definitely surprised to hear from him, and he seemed surprised that I saved his number. Don't ask me why. We hung out as friends, because even though I was extremely attracted to him, I couldn't lie to him. I told him immediately that I had a boyfriend. He wanted to still hang out as friends, but I didn't think it was fair to put myself in that situation. Not to mention extremely hard. A few weeks later, me and my boyfriend were going through tough times and ended up splitting up. I then pursued my possible twin flame full throttle.

Due to the connection we shared, and the feelings I have for him I did not want to let him get away. However, I soon received some disappointing news that it was now my turn to RETURN HOME... Due to financial circumstances. I left him with nothing but memories of us, and never even told him exactly how I feel about him. I figure that I will let nature take its course, and not force anything to happen. If we are truely meant to be, I know fate will bring us together in the end. And hopefully during this lifetime. But not only that, I have this 'knowing' deep down inside me... That we WILL be together soon. Even if it takes a few years. He is in my heart, and I hopefully am in his.

It wasn't until I came home that I began to wonder about our connection, for without him I felt lost, abandoned, and depressed. He is like no other man I've ever been with. When we first met, I had that shocking moment, where we both described the view the same way. Fate brought us together each time we connected. He had to return home, and now I had to return home. We share the same interests, goals, and beliefs. I am so comfortable around him, I can entirely be myself... For he is just like me. I can look into his eyes without distraction, and see myself in his eyes. When he says my name, I melt like never before. He knows what I am feeling when I am feeling it, and knows how to make me feel even better. Our hearts always beat together when we lay next to each other, and my heart pours out love for him. I often feel like we read each others mind, or finish each others sentences. And even stranger, I feel like sometimes we share the same dreams as we sleep next to each other.

For example, one night I had an OBE, and I could see my body in its current state, and his next to me. I thought to myself, "What time is it?"...he awoke next to me in this dream, and said without even looking at the clock, "It's 3:[something], you can thank my 3rd eye chakra." I didn't even realize I was dreaming until I awoke in real life wondering what time it was. I asked him, as kind of a test. He told me it was 10 am. Could it be that we were both in each other's dream, and he was able to tell me the correct time at the correct moment in the dream? I also had a dream that he proposed to me, and he was sleeping right next to me. It felt so real and I awoke crying, he was smiling in his sleep. In other dreams, I would wake up to him talking in his sleep, and it was like he was answering to me.

In the strangest dream I can recollect when we spent the night together, I was actually having a nightmare. I dreamt that strange beings, and demons were coming into the room. At the time, I was sleeping at the edge of the bed and he was against the wall. I remember thinking for some reason, "I wish I was sleeping against the wall", as if I would be safer from them. Each time a demon would try to attack me, I wouldn't be able to do anything without my twin flame's help. He would tell me what to do. Like..."go into the light." The final being that came into my dream wasn't evil or malicious like the others. It was a figure glowing blue and white light. I thought it was Jesus for it had long hair, and a robe or dress. It was holding a round symbol in its hands that made me rethink if it was really Jesus or not. At that moment, my twin flame awoke. He told me to sleep against the wall.

Like I said, I started wondering about our connection when I returned home. I began researching soul mates, and never even knew the definition of a twin flame until now. It seemed that all the "symptoms" of finding your twin was found in him. In addition, synchronicity, such as looking at the clock at 11:11, 10:10, 3:33, etc. Happen frequently. In a book I read, I opened up to an image of the "creation of twin flames". It showed the steps of the splitting of the soul, and then reuniting with ones twin. The reunion of the souls into one depicted a male and female figure, each holding a round symbol that greatly resembled what I had seen in the dream. Could it be that the figure in my dream was the feminine aspect of our souls merging? I later stumbled upon a youtube video when researching "twin flame" which GREATLY resembled the female figure I saw in this dream. I have attached a link.


I might mention 2 other things. As a young adult, I had a poetry book in which I wrote the qualities of my future husband. I recently stumbled upon this book and realized I had described him, in every way. Also, in a conversation I had with him about the first time we had sex, he seems to think that it was BEFORE we even talked. I know for a fact that this was not true and I told him he was probably dreaming. But he seemed to stick with his story and make me think I had forgotten, even though I keep telling him, "how could I forget?!" Could it be that he actually did dream of me before we met, couldn't remember if it was a dream or not and felt weirded out by it so concocted this whole story of how he thought it had happened?

As you can see, strange occurrences like these are abundant, leading me to believe that our relationship is out of this world. Now, we keep in touch through facebook, or texting... But I hope someday we will be together. Twin flame, or not.

I need your input as to whether or not he could actually be my twin soul? Or am I just obsessed with him, and the thought?

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Vikki (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-21)
I am new here and only found out about Twin Flames from a young medium back in November 2011, she also learned a lot about Twins that she didn't know from my experience.
I first met my Twin in 1966 when I was 10 and he was 18. He used to come to my parents house for his dad. I had a crush on him when I was 13, but he was about to be married, he separated from his wife after only a few months as the physical side of marriage was a shock to her and he was very inexperienced. Then she came back for Christmas however she fled once more they were apart this time for 15 months. During this time she gave birth to their first child which he never saw until the child was 6 months old.
We used to sit and talk in that time, but by then I was engaged he tried to tell me it was a mistake, our parents would not have agreed about us getting together as back then you married into your own culture, so under pressure from his family he took his wife back because she had filed for divorce and his parents did not want her to have the house they had bought for them.
We ran into each other from time to time as we lived in a small town and he worked in a store my then husband bought goods from.
After 20 years of marriage his wife died and 4 years after that my marriage finally broke down, it had not been good for years.
One year later I saw him in the supermarket and he asked about my husband and I told him we were divorcing.
A friend encouraged me to ask him out on a group date with a singles group my friend and I belonged to and to my surprise he said Yes.
That was the beginning of 14 years together... In that time we were astounded by our similarities... He said one day "I feel we are soul mates but I thought wife and I were soul mates... Can you have more than one?" I said maybe so... I didn't know at the time that you can have many.
We also were tuned into each other's thoughts. One night I dreamt I was at his house looking in the window (we were not living together at the time) and his wife was there in the kitchen and they were talking and he was shaking his head... I felt really sad.
The next day he told me his wife had come to him in a dream and said she wanted to come back and he told her she couldn't because he loved someone else... I asked where they were... He said they were in the kitchen, so I told him mine. He agreed I had been there in his dream looking in.
We were almost inseparable and couldn't wait to get home from work to be with each other... When we were together the outside world did not exist.
Fast forward 12 years and he became sick and could no longer work... The doctors didn't know what had caused his illness and all tests for cancer were clear... 12 months later he became sick again and was diagnosed with Mesothelioma (caused by asbestos exposure on the farm when he was 17) and given 12-13 months to live. He was awarded compensation... Up until then the eldest son ignored that he had a father suddenly started to try and take control over everything and causing arguments and making my family who came to visit uncomfortable as they were made feel they shouldn't be here... It became so bad my Twin had to move out to and buy a house with some of the compensation as he had sold his house to move in with me. The son told Twin if he kept contact with me he would never see him or the grandkids (who hardly knew him). It came to light that eldest son never wanted us together and accused Twin of going back on a deathbed promise to Wife that he would not have anyone else.
Twin would come around when he knew it was safe as the son lived in another town not far away... Or he would speak to me on the phone... We always knew if something was up with each other... He would come when I most needed him... This happened for 5 months until just before Christmas Twin got ill again and was told he only had 3 weeks left, he asked his youngest son to take care of him as he is a very caring person... Youngest Son arranged for us to spend time together the last 3 weeks of Twin's life... Every time he was in pain I also felt it. It was horrible pain... Right where his tumour was... This only stopped after his morphine and I got it when it was wearing off... It only ceased after the morphine pump was inserted.
Twin left to wait for me on 10th Jan 2012. The young psychic told me before he passed that he would not incarnate again. Twin visited my gifted sister in law after his funeral and told he to tell me I had to finish what we started... It took me a while to realize that was to increase the awareness of this dreadful cancer which is as yet incurable... Even in its early stages... We were working towards a support group in our town.
I believe for the last 40 days he has been around me. I have read that Twin separation is painful. I have never experienced this much pain
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
I think twin flames is like a had been watched in the movie last time but sorry I forgot the title. This was about a medieval story of a beautiful young princess who fell in love with a young boy which happened to be one of the slaves of the palace. They secretly met someplace under the small tree near the cliff when the moon shines very brightly. Later on his father the king found out the hidden relationships between them. And so, he ordered his men to kill the slave boy so that the princess will never see him again. But the princess heard it while hiding under the curtain. After that, she rushed to his beloved's house and told about all she knows. Later on, they ran as fast as they can away from the palace but they end up on a high cliff surrounded by the king's assassins. Their love between each other is very strong so they both decided to
Commit suicide by jumping off the cliff. They
Both die because of the strong currents made
By the sea from where they fell. The princess drowned and the slave boy landed on a very huge rock head first. A hundreds of years had past and they both got resurrected in the future they do met, married and got kids. I think this is how twin flames looked like. 😊 😉 ❤
Nahlire (1 stories) (38 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
Well after hearing your response, I'm quite sure it is as you say. You're meant to be together. That does not however mean I believe he's your twinflame. But hey, I don't know ANYTHING at all:D
I haven't seen you two at all, I'm only reading 😆

And it's not such a bad thing if he isn't, you two are happy and blissed and that's all that matters.
I love your answer, I felt that you have really listened (/read) what I have said to you:)

I think you are both off to a bright promising future, my wish to you.:)
And let me know the answer when you ask him, I'm curious;)

Since you mentioned being drain I know this exercise that might help you.
You can either sit or stand up, or lay down if you prefer. Really relax, from head to toe. Then you imagine that the bottom of your feet opens up and out of it, roots are growing out and into the ground deep deep down the earth. Imagine then that the roots are gathering energy that travels up and into to your body, starting from your feet, up to your legs and so on all the way up to the tip of your head. When you're done, the roots witdraws to your feet and that your feet are closing yourself.
Now you can stand up and take on the world:D

Take care!

creeaytivfe (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
eye24, I can remember looking into his eyes and we both just smiling at eachother. We both had the same look on our faces, if I could describe it... It was as if we were smiling at our own reflection in the mirror. No awkwardness, no shying away, no words were said, just all smiles. And maybe a rush of something in my gut:)
creeaytivfe (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
[at nahlire] thank you for your advice. I know there is always that chance that I could be taking this too far. That does scare me a little because of my achy breaky. But like I said, I DO have a KNOWING deep down that he and I are meant to be. And I have been taking the time to get to know myself. I have already become a better person, which I thought could never happen so easily. I am young still, and was quite into the party scene. But its been a breeze controlling my habits, to everyones surprize. People around me are noticing a change in me. I want to be all I can be so I can be with my twin, and ultimately for myself. I know if he is my twin flame, we will be together when we both are ready. And that is how I believe I can ready myself is to really know myself, and become pure. I will use all the time it takes. If he is not the one...well, I am an extremely strong person, and will definitely not lose myself, but thanks for your concern:) My only problem right now is not knowing the way the other feels. (Which could be his problem also?) Which is why I am a tad questioning. I will take your suggestion into account and ask him about his first impression of me when we met. And as far as my psychic abilities go... I'm no expert at it, but it seemed as if they were brought out more around my twin. Now, its as if my batteries are drained, when I'm no where near him. Whats interesting is, I know I dream about him every night and sometimes I feel like we meet eachother in our dreams even though I don't remember them. I can also imagine him next to me and be able to feel him around me. When I think of his embrace, I get heat flashes. I have never, EVER felt this way about any guy. No offense, I appreciate all your advice, but I KNOW he is my twin flame.:)
eye24 (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-15)
when you guys were together did yall look at each other eyes and never talked.
Nahlire (1 stories) (38 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-14)
I do not think he's your twinflame, otherwise you wouldn't even question about it.

I do believe in psycological facts and psychic ones.

Psycological: I think you fell head over heels for him and have never forgotten about him. Perhaps a bit obsessed for trying to find clues and connections to make it that it's something more "beyond"

Psychic: I think you BOTH have psychic abilities to the point you're feeding off and to each others.
He might not even be aware of it.
I believe there is a possibility that you two might have met each other in a past life and that's why you two go so well together.

My only suggestion to you is that you ask him about his impression/thoughts about when he met you the first time.
Also that you take time to yourself and really get to know yourself, you sound scared to me that you will lose him or the image of him that he might be your twinflame. Will you lose yourself if he isn't the one? If he's not there to share the rest of your life together, whether he's your twinflame or not?

Exception of fear, are you questioning about yourself and your abilities or him to be your twinflame?
You seem so young, give it some time and remember to really breath.

Well this is just my point of view.
Take care!

creeaytivfe (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
thanks for your input, rebecca! Much apreciated! It feels great to know that there is someone out there who believes me... I have been having difficulty communicating with him, its been about 2-3 weeks now. I wrote to him, but no response. Should I be concerned because he may not feel the same way?
Ps. I will check out that website right now. Thanks again!
Silver_Phoenix (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-12)
Yes it certainly sounds like he is your Twin Flame - check out about a twin flame couple bringin others together and the many stories others have shared. I run a network site for Twin Flames if you wish to join us we would love to see you at

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