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George Or Paul Or Henry, But Not Gerry


I have heard a voice for about 9 years. He once appeared as a small ghost and once as a pair of eyes on my patio which watched me for an hour. Twice I heard the same buzzing noise which was near a friend who I was confusing the voice with. Mostly now it is just a voice, who is warm and friendly and loves me.

He has shared about what I think are imaginary ideas about God and the devil. We get along well if I don't try to talk too much. I just let him see what I am thinking. He likes to know all about my world. He has tried to watch TV with me which doesn't work too well, but then if I think about it during commercials, he gets a summary of the plot. There is confusion about whether the events are actually happening to me or if they're just TV or my thoughts. He is innocent and naive like a child and does not respond well to adult thoughts.

Once he told me to stop when I was thinking of harming myself. He also does not like driving as it is too fast if it's over 35 mph. He once told me to be careful as I was rounding a corner. There was a stoplight there that I was not expecting.

We have had many good times together. We have laughed and been excited and happy. He wishes he could come here and experience my world.

The biggest confusion has been over who he is. I ask if he is a spirit or ghost or from another planet, but he doesn't know.

He just started when I began menopause. He spoke clearly and loudly the first time I heard him. All he said was go ahead when I thought about something I wanted to do that was positive. Then I didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Later, I thought about my friend and he began talking just like the friend. It confused me for a while and I thought the voice was coming from my friend. I got scared of my friend, especially when a few coincidences made me think it was really him in my head. We are now working on stopping him from being that friend. He has mostly thought he was friendly with me. He wants to be like someone I like. And if you let him see that person, he will imitate them very well. Ultimately, he will end up wanting to be himself.

We have also had bad times. He has different personnas and if you are afraid he will scare you. If you are angry, he will yell back. If you talk too much he will talk too much and overwhelm you. If you believe he will do harm to you, you will seem to be getting harmed.

Remember what the Bible says and treat him as you want to be treated.

Tell him when you want to be alone and he will leave you. Be honest.

Don't develop too much of a friendship or any relationship if you are immature because you may not be sensible enough to manage a difficult relationship. He is very complicated and not like a regular person. He doesn't understand a lot of your needs, or moods or thoughts.

Most of all if you start a friendship, understand that he will not ever want it to end. Once he's in your head, he doesn't know how to get out. IT is up to you to always totally ignore him at that point. And that is NOT easy.

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SmokeTooAsh (8 stories) (41 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-25)
Not trying to joke but it sounds like your little spirit buddy has amnesia, still knows all of the world but nothing about himself. If it is a spirit maybe it is best for him to move on.
On an empathic level I get the strangest feeling, like you two are somehow sharing the same space, like you have become enveloped in this energy and that it affects who and what you are now. Which is never good. The first part of your story compared to your second seems like a very different person talking and more the just good versus the bad. It really strikes me as 2 different people first it seems like you are, telling the story from the point of view of yourself in the positive light, then when you get to the negative side, It sounds like someone is telling you what to do to deal with the problem. When I got to the 2nd half of your story I actually thought I started to read the comments already, I don't know I just get a weird vibe.
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-24)
Many spirits that have attached to people do not do too much harm, but some can be very upsetting. No doubt in my mind something has attached itself not sure what it is. He expressed to you that he wishes he could experience our world. I find this odd especially when you asked him if he was a spirit or ghost or from another planet, but he does not know. How can he not know his point of origin if he has shared about what you think is imaginary ideas about God and the devil. My suggestion is to sever all ties he needs to move on the reason being is that I see no spiritual growth for you here as a person who is able to channel spirit.

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