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Coincidence Or Just Me?


When I was about 3 years I remember we lived in an apartment and I was running around playing. I then went to the door put my fingers in the hinge and my dad didn't see me and opened the door on my fingers. My hand was red, my fingers did not break or anything. Both of my parents were shocked and for a few days my hand did hurt but nothing serious.

Then when I was about 5 I was in a car and took my seat-belt off, and no one saw that I did. The car in front of us stopped and my mom jammed on the break, and of course I hit my head on the wind shield and bounced back like nothing was wrong. I was taken to the ER and told them I fell on my head at home. They did an Xray and an MRI that came out normal. As for my wind shield it looked like someone hit it with a rock.

A year later my brother was diagnosed with kidney failure so my parents found a spiritual healer to maybe try to help him. My dad ended up taking me along with my brother. There was a machine that measured electricity in the body which I think it was called Bio-Resonance but I'm not exactly sure, because it was so long ago. My brother went on first and the meter didn't really go that far, they put me on it and the meter went off until it couldn't go no more.

The person (spiritual healer) thought the machine broke so my dad tried it out and it worked fine. The spiritual healer told my dad that when I got older either I was going to be psychic, I could heal, or it was going to back fire on me. I still don't understand any of it. I'm almost 21 and am very curious about myself. The weird thing is, a lot of times I have gut feelings, and when I allow myself to go along with it, I'm right about it.

Other times I second guess myself and it back fires. I usually know by first glance of a person on what kind of person they are. Usually if I have a bad feeling about something or someone I'm right. Sometimes I've walked in a room where there's a radio and computer and the radio would turn on. I've one time got extremely happy that my T.V shut off by itself. It was weird but I thought it was just coincidence, maybe not? If anyone could help then that would be great:)

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nsb (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-05-26)
Can anyone help?: (I've been curious for years and I hope I can find an answer or maybe it was just luck?

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