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In January of this year I posted a story about a call I received from a friend regarding a demonic experience he had and the dream of my own possession I had later that night. Since that day I've had about one to three dreams a month of me being possessed.

To be honest I wasn't all that concerned with the dreams. As a pre-cognizant dreamer, I probably should have been. But I never felt I was in any danger. I never felt bad presences or anything like that. The dreams were just scary (although the more I began to have them, the less scary they became and the more brave I became) and during the first 2 months I just thought they were playing on my fear of being possessed.

However, with their oddly continual occurrences, I began to believe that maybe there was a hidden message. Although I only told my very best friend about these dreams. I sorta ignored them until the last two of these "possession dreams" that I had.

Now, in every possession dream I'm in a different setting. Sometimes I'm in the place where I fell asleep, sometimes I'm in someplace completely unrecognizable. But almost everything is consistent. I can't move, breathe or speak well. I try and say my Spirit Guide's name, calling out to her for help, then I try and call out to my mother, and then I call out for God (I'm wondering if this has to do with my faith and trust in those three people, and in order from least-trusted in keeping me safe from bad spirits to most trusted. Yes, I trust in God above all else to keep demons from harming me, and I always have.) I've never heard anything in the dreams except myself, and felt the struggle of my will to live a free and happy life against the invisible force hurting me. However in my second to last dream I heard a voice for the first time.

I was struggling to call out for God. Usually by the time I get to calling out God, I'm beginning to move and wake up. However this time I was really struggling to say the word 'God'. I couldn't hardly say it. And as I tried I heard a deep voice laughing at me. This scared me (although also made me more determined) because never before had I heard a voice speak to me. Then it said something about a little girl. I can't remember exactly what he/it said because I didn't write it down and I have a terrible memory of dreams. But something about a little girl, which concerned me because there is a little girl ghost who lives in my house.

The last dream I had was completely different though. This time I wasn't the one who was possessed.

I was in the house of a friend's and I was talking downstairs with her and her husband. My best friend was there with me (the one I mentioned earlier). Then my friend, who's home we were in, asked if I could check out the house really quick. She thought maybe a ghost was living in it. I looked at my best friend and he shrugged and nodded (because we do a lot of paranormal stuff together, including "ghost hunting"). So I headed up the stairs, but for some reason my best friend didn't follow. I then heard giggling. Like children, like a boy and girl specifically. And I turned to them downstairs and said "I think they're children" (or something along those lines) and as I took a few steps more I heard the voice from the previous possession dream say "when they free it, I will take it" in reference to their new born baby.

And I was not going to let it take the baby.

So I ran into the room where the baby was and began to yell at this demonic force, saying that it wouldn't take the baby, I wouldn't let it (and things of that nature). I began to say the Lord's Prayer which is something I do almost every night, because it makes me feel safe and protects me. It's like my own safety blanket, and I was desperate to protect this baby. I began say the Lord's Prayer and all of a sudden mucus began flowing out of my nose and mouth, to keep me from saying the Lord's Prayer. I bent over some sort of wash basin and let it run out, trying to push it out to get rid of it. I told the force that this wouldn't stop me and eventually the mucus stopped flowing and I began saying the Lord's Prayer again. If I remember correctly the demon laughed at me and I ran to the baby. I put my hand on the baby and began saying the Lord's Prayer and every time I put my hand on the child and began the prayer again it would start wailing loudly, like the Prayer hurt it. At some point the parents and my best friend arrived. And when they came into the room, by the cradle where I was saying the Prayer, they were panicking. By that time I was having difficulty breathing and saying the prayer, but I pushed myself to say it, pushing myself harder and harder.

And I spoke up wheezing "My Lord, who art in heaven" and I stopped, sitting up and frightening my dog. However after a short pause I began saying it again, still feeling half asleep and in danger. When I was almost through I realized I was really awake and stopped.

I called a friend of my mother's a week or two later, concerned with the shift in my dreams. She was into psychic stuff, and although she doesn't have a name for it, she can feel what people need through her hands. I called her for advice because my mother likes to avoid the subject of my abilities, and my mother's friend knew and understood more about the psychic world than I did. She had some ideas but said she didn't know enough about demonic things to know. But she gave me a cleansing session and did tarot cards with me, and they revealed I was safe and that my Spirit Guide and Guardian Angels were watching over me.

I finally told my mother and her opinion is it's my fear that I'm loosing control in my life because of the personal problems I'm having with my father. I don't think so.

I had a dream that I wrote my story on this site, so I'm hoping you all will have real answer for me. Or at least advice.

If you want to contact me more personally, or just talk to a teenager with psychic abilities my email is on my profile.


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Trinity_Paladin293 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-29)
I think you did the right thing when you fought it, I have had a demon come to me in my sleep more than once and eventually I fought back, it was using one of my fears against me while I was having a lucid dream and I told it that I wasn't scared and that I was in control, that this was my world and not its now I don't have dreams like that much because I took its power from it. Demons and dark spirits get their power from our negative emotions fear, rage and the like, once you take that from them they can't do anything to you, and God will always protect you no matter what anyone says he loves without restraint and guides without being asked
Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-29)
It's a bit weird to call God to help you, when you do stuff that He DOESN'T like! (although even then, God sometimes sends help, because He loves us!). Doesn't God in the bible-old testament- PROHIBIT us to: talk to or channel spirits, predict the future, perform witchcraft, spells, and do other occult stuff etc? (see for yourself: LEVITICUS 19:26-31 and 20:27. DEUTERONOMY 18:10-14. II KINGS 1:1-4. EXODUS 22:18. ACTS 19:11-20.). Before we contact the spirits through psychic mediums, seances, ouija board and tarot cards... We rudely pray to God and Archangel Michael to protect us, and keep out the bad spirits... Even though God sais: DON'T DO IT CHILD! YOU'LL GET HURT! LOLOL! It's like a teenager who gets into his car, to go and have sex with his girlfriend... And sticks up his middle finger at God and sais: "God, i'm going to sin now, but you better protect me and give me a safe trip!" LOL! We're lucky that father Jesus loves us so much, and doesn't strike us dead right at that moment when we sin!... If we want to talk to spirits, we can only do that safely by PRAYER and FASTING. And if we want to send a message to a dead loved one, we can do it through prayer! And we can also pray to Jesus and the Virgin Mary, to help the dead person's situation! Also, we can give our time and money to help people and charities, in the name/memory of the dead person... That helps alot! See my prophile for more info! Stay safe. God bless! Seeya!
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-28)
I agree with your mother, possession dreams can be about insecurity. Demons play upon our weaknesses, particularly of, as I've been told, those of us with strong spiritual energy. I find that I have encountered demons and negative spiritual entities mostly when I've been feeling vulnerable.

You were right to face them despite what they threw at you, and to trust in your higher powers. I see you have a lot of inner strength.

Peace and blessings
Roseburg (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-28)
I too have had dreams about demons and possession- Especially when I am lucid. My demons however always seemed to actually represent something. I am sure that these dreams are a spiritual and at the same time an educational experience from God I had a dream where a good looking man came up to me and asked me out. I was charmed and we took a walk but he kept getting weak every few steps and going down on his knees - looking up at me for sympathy. I suggested we sit down and I sat on his lap then I saw a tattoo on his arm of a demon and I said "that is okay we all have things in our lives that we aren't proud of." Then he shook his head at me and said "you don't understand that IS me." I said "who are you!?" He said "I am alcohol." With my recognizance of him he proceeded to change - his eyes got wide and he became strong and choked the breath out of me and pinned my arms. I began to sing the Lords Prayer and he choked tighter but I sang until he became weak and then out of my mouth came a beautiful voice singing a hundred praises at once and it was not my voice but like a thousand all together. It drove him away. I had dreams where I could not say "God" but it would come out in a demonic voice. I decided to put aside my fear and do it over and over again - now I can say God, now I can drive off dream demons in the Name of God. In my experience it was a personal test of how much trust and conviction I put in him when I was in my greatest fear. When I began to doubt his saving grace less his power through me became stronger. It didn't happen over night but was a progression. I have to ask for him to be the power through me to drive these horrible dream demons away. Try this over and over.

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