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If you've read my other recent story, then you know, but for others who haven't just so you can get a better picture of me and what's going on, I'm Alex, a 17 year old female who is an Empath, and a Psychic Medium.

This past Saturday I went over to a friend's house for the first time. We were celebrating my birthday (although it was a day after, not the day of) with 2 other girls. I had never been to her house before, and the three of them knew that I am an Empath, a Psychic, and a beginning Medium. I warned them when I arrived at the house that in the past year, every time I slept someplace I hadn't been before, I had a dream about ghosts. It hadn't happened in about a month, but then again, I hadn't slept someplace strange in that amount of time, so I was unsure of what would happen. They understood and we went out and partied.

That evening we decided to sleep in my friend's home theater, a small room created down in her basement. I was alright with it, not scared or even thinking about ghostly encounters until I saw that the rest of the area around the one room that was their home theater was under construction and renovation by her father. It worried me a little. The house was old (although I didn't know how old) and I knew that ghosts are often territorial and/or curious. So they can get angry and/or mischievous when you change a part of the house (by renovating, constructing something and even painting). So I warned my friends that the probability of me having at least a dream about a ghost was heightened. One of them began to be a little frightened but I calmed her down, said that nothing bad would happen to her. I knew bad things could happen, because ghosts can get violent and physical, but it doesn't happen often and I was very protective of my friends. I was the only one in the group that had experiences with ghosts, and psychic experiences. I wanted to protect them. I was going to protect them. I felt much more brave, and I felt stronger.

That evening we fell asleep to watching movie around 3 in the morning. I woke up once around 5 to the DVD menu being played over and over again. My friend turned it off and I fell right back asleep.

Then, around 10:50 am, my friend woke me up. I had asked her to wake me and one of my friends up so we could go work on a project. But I was really tired and so I told her instead of leaving to go work on the project I would do it for the two of us. It was only a poster. So, my friend whose house we were at left to go help her dad at Lowe's. Another friend had left to baby-sit. So it was just me and the scared friend asleep in her home theater.

At first I fell right back asleep. I was exhausted, and slept for about 30 more minutes before I woke up. I felt an odd feeling. Like I needed to be protected. I wasn't scared, just unsure. I thought maybe I just felt uncomfortable being there with my friend and without the friend whose house we were at. But I began to feel like I was in danger, and so was my scared friend. So I pictured a white light around myself. But being protective of my friend, I moved the white light to be around both of us. I felt things getting worse, for no reason. I started to say the Lord's Prayer and my friend said "Alex?" and I realized she was awake! I told her I was probably mumbling in my sleep. I didn't want to freak her out. But after that I couldn't sleep. So my eyes wandered around the room when suddenly I saw this shadow of a girl run past the wall next to me. I tried to tell myself I was imagining it. But a few seconds later a shadow of a man was standing in the corner, diagonal from me and near my friend's feet. Then, moments later he was looming over me. I didn't feel scared to my surprise. Still I felt this need to protect my friend. So I looked to her and looked back, sitting up and this shadow was still there. So I told my friend, frankly, not to freak out. Then I waited a few seconds before telling it to go away, loudly and bravely. It disappeared.

I wasn't sure what this thing was. In my dreams about ghosts, they're always black and shadow like as well, and looming over me, which I thought was odd. I have done some research but I still don't know what it was. Was it a ghost? Or maybe a shadow person? Was it trying to get help from me?

Also, last night (Tuesday) I couldn't sleep. Every time I fell asleep I was shaken awake like I had just had a night mare, but I had only just begun to fall asleep when it would happen. It happened every time. I wondered maybe if something was trying to speak with me (shaking me awake to do so), because earlier that night my ears popped out of the blue and I thought I heard that when ears ring or pop, a ghost is trying to contact you.

Thanks for your help!

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joshua_86 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-07)
I really don't know what to say... But I have always been in tune with my inner 'voice' (which has kept me out of trouble for years) but I recently have seen dark shadows behind me, but when I look again they are gone, to be honest it has freaked me out a little. And what you said about your ears ringing happens quite often and I have always wondered what it was so thank you. I wish everyone the best
ostara8 (124 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
elyfigure, that is not 100 percent correct... It may be true, I have never heard it before, but ringing in ears is experienced by almost all lightworkers... It is downloading of infomation required for your mission and also it happens when your energy frequency is shifting, which for lightworkers, is all the time.:)
I get it ALL the time
ostara8 (124 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
nairda... That sounds like the common astral projsction symptoms people have reported:)
ostara8 (124 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
i really, honeslty after reading your story, think that your focus upon these ghosts are attracting them, and your fear is also attracting them. Not often are people actually hurt by ghosts, so relax a little, protect yourself, and mainly keep your thoughts positive. Yes you will encounter ghosts from time to time, but don't focus solely on that. There is so much more in psychic development that you can focus on that will not be fearful for you. There's nothing wrong with seeing ghosts of course, if you think you can handle it. But, sorry for saying this:) but you are young, so I would just be woriied your constant worry about ghosts could see you in a yucky situation when you could avoid it. I wish you the best with it all though:)
And... Ghosts hear our thoughts and our words. You thinking about them brings them close. Perhaps try and get them to the light next time? If you have such a gift as to see them, why not try and help some of these poor lost souls? So long as it does not frighten you:)
leighmillage95 (2 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-31)
This is a very intresting story, and I think exactly what you think, I think that the spirit was trying to talk to you.

Best hopes,
Aberdeen (1 stories) (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-31)
If you read my post 'Different types of Shadow People', you will see that I have had some experiences with shadow people, or whatever they are. Since that post I have had other experiences, which includes being shaken awake at night, sometines around 3am. I believe they mean no harm, if you tell them to go away they usually do.
WillowSage (5 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-30)
Now what you do is very good alex as a witch I know first hand the effects of energy around and I thought you were very brave to defend your friend like that but if you do have a problem with spirits I suggest that you perform a banishing this involves you standing in the area that is afflicted and visualizing blue-purple fire spreading through your the place driving away any evil while doing this you can say "What is dark be filled with light remove this evil from my sight" I hope that I can help you in any way if you have any additional qustions please don't hesitate to ask I promise to help you in any way. I also suggest if it hasnt harmed you or caused you misfortune that you let it be and try not to bother it too much but if it should get dangerous please do the banishing I have suggested best of luck my friend may you live happily. Blessed Be! 😊
NaIrDa (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-29)
I too have encountered a shadow person run by me and somthing waking me up and keeping me up, but that's all. Other then that I've woken from dream with my ears ringing and feeling an intense energy flowing through me.
elyfigure (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
hey Alex, I'm ely. I see shadowy figures everywhere. After a lot of research, I have found that MOST people that have had encounters with shadowy figures say that they are demons. I believe that those shadowy things are evil because they sometimes hurt people. When they try to contact me in my dreams, they hurt me. When I see them when I'm awake, they just stare. I wonder what they do in your dreams? And if you did feel unsafe or unsure, it's good that you took your feeling seriously. I too sometimes imagine myself covered with a white light. I didn't know that when your ears ring or pop that a ghost is trying to contact you, but now I know! 😆
XtjrX (7 stories) (300 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
The home theater-appropriate metaphor
Not thinking opens the door
You believe, it must obey!

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