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I've already posted a story on how I predict deaths and other future events and how they come true but I can do a few more things as well and some freak me out.

1) Since I was little I have heard voices both in and outside of my head. I hear them stronger when there is water around for example when I have a bath I hear voices calling my name. It used too and still does freak me out. An example of voices in my head happened a few weeks ago when I went to get wood from the woodpile. I was walking and I suddenly started hearing this conversation in the conversation its self was funny because it was describing how stupid I was. I could hear two different voices that I had never heard before and the conversation ended as soon as I thought "I can here you, you know". I'm not sure whether these voices are just my imagination because I am always daydreaming but could they be real? Also if am not sure of something I ask it in my head and usually I get an answer that turns out right most of the time.

2) Both my Dreams and daydreams always seem real. My dreams are very vivid I remember most of my dreams every morning I can still remember ones from when I was about 5. I have dreams that repeat over and over I am still having some of the same dreams as when I was little. In these dreams I always try take the same path as the last time but if I take different path the dream doesn't come back. I know when I'm dreaming and I can think in my dreams and have even dreamt while in a dream. Some mornings I wake up and think that what ever happened in the dream that night had happened. Also some mornings I wake up and the day goes exactly as it did in the dream. I also have dreams that continue on from a dream from the night before. The freaky thing is at the end of most of my dreams I see a pair of eyes then I wake up. Could this mean anything? Also I hear and see people who aren't usually there just before I go to sleep. Some of my dreams take place in places I know but have never physically visited.

3) I have heard of out of body experiences and I am wondering if I have had some. In pretty much all of my dreams at some point I fly or float. The first time and the clearest time I can remember is when I was maybe 6 or 7 but it still happens now just the most recent times aren't as easy to explain.

I dreamed that I was walking around someplace I hadn't been physically but I knew something happened but I can't remember the dream clearly but when the dream ended I could feel myself floating back down to my bed and I looked around and saw that I was floating down through a sort of cone shaped, blue purple, channel. I felt really peaceful and happy when I was floating and when I woke up. This has happened a lot but that's one of the few times I can actually remember coming back to my body. These days I still float in my dreams but lots of times before I go to sleep I'll have a flash back of the worst thing that had happened to me recently and it usually involves falling.

4) Talk to animals. I have read on this sight that people can do this so it got me thinking that if I can talk to my pets who have passed on through dreams maybe I could talk to animals on earth. I first tried it with my dog, Milo, because whenever I think of her she comes running up to me and jumps on me. So this time as she was running to me I focused on her and in my head thought "slow down" and also sent her a visual message of her slowing down. When I thought this she slowed down and I swear I heard her say "ok" in my head! With my cat whenever I ask her to do something in my head she usually bites me unless I promise to pat her after she does it.

5) I can see people's auras. To me it's not a color I see with my eyes instead I see it in my head. I can see auras if I concentrate and stay focused. I have read some of my friends auras.

6) I think I can influence things to happen because every time I try it works. I can make fire go big or small when I think and picture it, I can make waves bigger and smaller and I can create winds big of small, I can also make some inanimate objects move for example a few minutes ago I put an object in water and it sunk but then I wanted it to float so it rose up to the top and stayed there for a few seconds before I wanted it to sink again. As I said before this may not mean anything just it happens most of the times that I try it.

7) I always get the feeling that I am being watched. Always have and I think I always will. I have read about spirits or energies (both good and bad) and have come to the conclusion that I think there might be one downstairs in my house. Ever since I was little me and my little brother would get scared of going to our rooms, which are directly above the down stairs room, and of going down stairs and we were both scared of the dark. I can remember seeing the silhouette of a man in a hat outside my bed room door most nights and seeing other shadows moving. For about 2years now I have seen what I think is the same man in dreams as a white, transparent person. The feeling that I was being watched got recently got stronger and I got scared so I have started praying and telling the energy/spirit to go away and it has helped!

8) I also think I might be a bit of an empath. When I get on the bus in the morning I usually feel happy and chirpy (I like mornings once I'm out of bed) until I sit down then my mood usually changes to the same as the people around me. This also happens when I am in a big crowed (I HATE big crowds) I can go from being happy to depressed in a couple of seconds. Almost everyday I come home from school or the shops with a headache. I always know what people are feeling and If their lying to me.

I would like to know if I have any other abilities apart from clairvoyance. I'd really like to learn so any advice is appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-01)
thank for the advice I'm going 2 try it now hope it works thanks a bunch! 😁
Nicolaevna (guest)
12 years ago (2010-07-01)
iCfuturelongdistance to stay focused I just close my eyes and relax and keep in my head what I want to do, then open my eyes and I'm usually focused. Hope that helped! 😊
sagemaster (24 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-01)
It seems that you have a lot of abilities like I do. You are doing well, I have done all those things too, not so often lately. For the empathy you just need to picture your energy surrounding you like a shield then you will be more in control.
MindHacker564 (5 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-01)

Let me know how it goes with the shielding thanks!

iCfuturelongdistance (2 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-01)
wow I can do a lot of those things 2 nicolaevna... Just not #1,#3,& #5 but I need more pratice on controll, how do you stay concentrated and focoused?
Nicolaevna (guest)
12 years ago (2010-06-30)
thankyou! That has helped. I will try the block or sheild thing aswell as the OBE thing! 😊
MindHacker564 (5 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-30)
How To Have An OBE

An out of body experience can occur spontaneously or intentionally. The famous scientist and out of body explorer, Robert Monroe, developed a set of OBE induction methods when he stumbled upon the OBE phenomenon in the 1950s. The most famous is known as the Mind Awake, Body Asleep technique. Now, anyone can learn how to have an OBE and astral travel to explore alternate dimensions and the nature of consciousness.
Step 1: Relaxation

To train how to astral project, find a dark, quiet room and ensure there are no distractions or time constraints. Lie down, with the arms and legs outstretched, palms facing up and head relaxed. With the eyes closed, focus on taking long, slow breaths.

Working from the toes upward, systematically tense and relax every muscle group of the body, finishing with the face. Imagine each body part disappearing into formlessness once it is relaxed. Try not to move. This can take 5-15 minutes to achieve effectively. Learn more easy meditation techniques.
Step 2: Visualization

It is natural for random thoughts and day dreams to interrupt this meditative state. When this happens, gently sweep them away and return the focus to slow breathing. Visualize sitting in a car and moving toward the horizon. Focus on the scenery while travelling along an unbroken white line in the middle of the road. Imagine the body is physically moving, drifting toward somewhere far in the distance. Keep the body entirely still and relaxed.

There are many other visualizations to try: anything that involves floating, sinking, or falling (eg out of a plane, through the bed) will allow the awareness to drift out of body. Move all focus away from the physical body as it lies still on the bed and quash any unwanted thoughts or inner dialogue. The aim is to fall asleep consciously; hence the term: Mind Awake, Body Asleep.
Step 3: Vibrational State

When the brain descends into a deep enough meditation, the vibrational state will begin. Try to remain calm, as this can be overwhelming or exciting at first. This is the window of opportunity to move out of body, either by rolling or sinking out - or by simply visualizing another place (the living room, or the roof). Do not look back at the physical body or the out of body experience may quickly end.

The vibrational state can sound also like buzzing or white noise, and is often accompanied by complete paralysis but only lasts for a matter of seconds. It will disappear on separation of the physical and astral body. Once out of body, astral travel is achieved through the power of the mind, to any location imaginable.

Scientists continue to debate whether out of body experiences and astral projection take place in reality, an internal dreamworld using lucid dreaming, or some other ethereal dimension. Only further OBE experiments will reveal the true nature of this other-worldly phemonenon.
MindHacker564 (5 stories) (70 posts)
12 years ago (2010-06-30)
1. That ability is Clairaudiance! I have that as well. Though it's not nearly as developed as yours, yours seems to be more naturally developed, I have to work at mine.

2. You could be a Dream Seer. Someone who has dreams that mean something, including Day Dreams, and Real Dreams.

3. This might be an OBE I will make another post telling how you can have an OBE, hopefully it helps though if you would like to try it more.

4. That is funny and crazy gift. And it's funny how cats, dogs, and other animals can react sometimes.

5. Aura Seer

6. You seem to have quite good control of the elements, fire, wind and water. Also, those are forms of telekinesis. Pyro-Kinesis, Aero-Kinesis, and Hydro-Kinesis.

7. I am not sure for this one. It might be a sixth sense that you have.

8. Yes, you are empathic.

For empathy, try making a block or shield. To make a shield all you have to do is visualize you sitting on a hill, and brick walls beginning to surround you until you are completely covered.

Hope this helped!

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