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Visions of a Grey Lady When I Was Young


When I was approximately five years old, I was having some strange things going on. I never really understood it at that time, so I was very frightened. I would be in my room at night, and it would all start with my body feeling all tingly, and I'd feel paralyzed. Suddenly I would see objects flying toward my face, but they would never hit it. It was like I was traveling through a tunnel and passing these objects. Unable to move, I would see her. She was transparent, and had no colour, like a black and white photo. I could only see her from her head to her chest, almost like in a floating bubble. She floated up in the corner of the room, up at the top of the ceiling. She had straight black hair, parted in the middle. She looked like from another time. Her clothing looked to be a grey dress with a little lace collar snug around the neck. Never did I see her display any emotion or speak to me. I would get so frightened! I wanted to get up and run to my mom, but was unable to move. This was the same thing that happened each time she came.

One day, my mom came home and I was sitting on her lap. The lady came. I said, "mom do you see that lady?" I pointed to the corner up toward the ceiling in the dinning room. She said, "what lady?" My mother was livid! She began yelling at my siblings. She was asking them what had they given me that was making me see such things.

I never felt alone in my life, but I learned to block it out most the time in my life until lately. I feel things around me all the time. Only now I am not afraid. Can someone tell me what is going on with me? A part of me has felt as if I have something most don't all my life. I am 40 years older now and so much is going on now I can't ignore. I want to know if I have a gift, or always had one and didn't know?

Thank you for reading!

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