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Is This Precognition Or Just Intuition?


Over the past week I've been realizing I may have precognition. I've always sensed paranormal stuff, and now its gotten rather worse. I have had dreams of my boyfriends passed over father. He committed suicide when he was 9. I guessed the property where he died and the description of the house they once lived in. I picked up a woman with him, which I found out later was my boyfriends mothers unborn aborted child. His father said march is important for him. I later find out, my boyfriend is starting university in march.

Thursday (less than a week ago) very late night, I was with my boyfriend, and his friends at a sleepover for the night. I started getting chest pains and I had trouble breathing... Then I felt so much pain I had to take a few panadol. This has never happened to me in my life.

Find out the next morning my godmother and good friends son died in his sleep in the middle of the night. 3 days before, someone out of the blue asked me how he was. I don't know his cause of death is yet. Could be just a fluke I had pains...

Friday morning, I was with my boyfriend again at his friends, and I sensed his friends car would break down. I sensed his other friend and his girlfriend would have a massive fight that night at her party. That night they had the biggest fight they have ever had. Saturday morning, that friends car wouldn't start.

Sensed so much stuff lately. I picked up this guys family life instantly. I sensed his father wasn't really strong in his life and his parents were divorced. I tried to sense things in the room where everyone was at the party. The fighting couple were at the alter about to get married. A girl was going to get a job in a cafe, and the other guy was going to get in a fight. I don't know if this was real or not. Its what I picked up.

I know where lost stuff can be found. I can guess what people are thinking and what they're about to say at times. Its always at random days and times now. I have an amazing memory also... I can remember dates and what happened that date instantly. I can also guess the time correctly when I don't have a watch or clock around.

I had a dream last night my pop (who died 2 months ago) said he loved me and I woke up crying. I'm rather worried, can anyone shed some light on their opinion?

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birdzgoboom (guest)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
[at] Arrow
I actually totally agree but I thought I would be shot down if I said anything 😐 Ever since I found out my abilities were special they seem to have begun to fade
Arrow (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-19)
It seems like to me that whenever we start to realize we have these abilities they fade away... I think its a test and the only way to keep them is to pass it. It's just a thought, does anyone else agree?
precog (2 stories) (24 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-18)
srry to stay off topic here, but people email me if your under eighteen! No offense, but it would be weird to email a forty five year old or something. So email me at brignachouse [at]
CassCass (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-09)
Thank you everyone.
Well, I had the funeral today and it was very sad. I haven't picked up much today, other than I possibly feel he was with everyone in the church. The cause of death was just what I suspected, he had an enlarged heart which means a possible heart attack...

To be clear, my pop is my mothers father.

2 nights ago I had a feeling my boyfriend and I would have a fight the next night. We did last night, and it was the worst fight we've had.

I'm not really sure on my capability of what I have and id like to develop it and grow confident about it. Ill give meditation a go and see if it helps. When I try to go to sleep I feel as if there's always something in the room and it freaks me out, I don't know if its just me or if its real. I haven't had this before and now its all just randomly showing up.

I haven't had any dreams lately except last night I had one about a little girl and me. I'm guessing she is my daughter.

I'd like to see a pyshic one day, just to confirm what I have is real.❤
Nahlire (1 stories) (38 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
My brother who passed away a couple of years back visited me in my dreams shortly after he had passed away so I do not think it's unusual that you have experienced the same thing. They still care of you and I would think your father wanted to see how you were doing. Close people (like family) pop in sometimes to check on us that we are doing fine (whether or not we are aware of it). My sister has had her share of his visits as well, but he's more proon to give her advice since she needs it and has asked for it:)
Try meditating and if you have troubles I suggest that you start off with some relaxitions and some breathing exercise. Don't stress yourself out:o
I suggest as well that you check out the videos of Helen Demetriou on youtube, she has posted several helpful and informative videos that are quite intresting to watch:)
I hope I have given you something to think about:)
Take care!

Inmyownworld13 (5 stories) (14 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
You maybe a bit telepathic as well if you can tell peoples lifes. You are also right you seem have very strong intuition the strongest I have ever heard of acctually. You may be a bit of a medium aswell if you are sensing spirits, but I have never heard of anyone sensing spirits in their sleep before, it seems interesting. If you want to contact the dead more without sleeping I would definatley go for meditation.
Good luck in the future
CassCass (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
Sorry for double posting, but the only person I told about my experiences was my boyfriend and my good friend. I'm too worried to tell anyone else because yes, I'm worried they won't believe me.

My good friend discoverered his girlfriend was pregnant a few weeks ago and they opted for an abortion, as she is only 15. I told him about 3 months beforehand she was going to get pregnant, because she has been planning to secretly behind his back. I picked up the child was a girl straight away and pictured her be just like her in appearance. I then told him his mother was going to get some news that would make her a bit upset. I don't know why I said it, but the next day he had to tell her some bad news about him and her. (and he still won't tell me what it was?)

Im rather worried this might just be a one time thing because lately I haven't had any more premonitions.
CassCass (1 stories) (11 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
Thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately my Pop is my mothers father. He died of old age 2 months ago and my mother was there when he passed. My aunty opened the curtain and the sunshine came out and he passed right away after 4 days in a trance.

At the funeral, the sunshine came out on a rainy day for his burial and I knew it was a sign of him. My mum said he loved the sun.

When he was dying, he was talking to his passed over mother and brother. It freaked out my mum a fair bit, because her nanna and her were really close.

I'm going to my good childhood friends funeral tomorrow. I'm not sure what he died of but I know in my pains he died of a heart attack. Only yesterday I had a dream my sister would ring me up asking me to babysit her little boy and girl. I woke up to the phone ringing and it was her.

Lately my guesses have been wrong so I'm just waiting for some precognition in my dreams. I would like to develop my intuition/precognition/premonitions better. Would meditation help this? ❤
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-07)
First, you do seem to be having strong premonitions! It's a lot more than intuition. You have a great ability--be confident in it. Do you ever tell people when you have a premonition about them? You might be like me--afraid to tell anyone what you saw because you worry you will be wrong. ALso, if it's something bad, you might feel you are just going to stress them out telling them somehting they can't change. I hear that people can change the outcome of a premonition, but in my case this is not true. I have tried to stop the outcome of two of my pre-cognitive dreams, but it's impossible.

About your father, there is absolutely nothing to worry about! If you read any of my posts, you will see that I am somewhat of a medium. Nobody dies. We just transform into Spirit energy. It's wonderful that your father showed up to let you know he loves you, that's amazing! My "dead" loved ones (I now refer to them as "my transformed loved ones") have showed up in my dreams many times. Now that my own psychic ability is getting stronger, my grandmother is now coming to me in the waking hours. I smell honeysuckle when she is near. I have also felt her sort of hugging me when I was crying. You should learn how to meditate and perhaps you will be able to communicate with your father. I'm not joking! My grandmother came to me only in dreams for almost 20 years before I began to sense her presence in real life.

Anyway, if you ever want to email me I am greenpsychic [at] Take care! ❤

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