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The Drowning Man


I was at my cousin's grand parent's house when I turned my head (much like the black cat that I saw) and saw a man, (he was right next to me and he stayed there longer than the black cat) I blinked a few times and he was gone.

Later at the pool I saw him again sitting at the edge of the pool I waved at him and smiled he looked behind him but there was no one there so he looked confused and waved and sat next to him.

He said, "your the first person to talk yo me in years and I don't know why"

I told him, "you're dead"

He laughed a little and said, "that's impossible"

I said, "no one knows you're there even when I point you out, you're dead, dude"

Then this woman that no one else could see came up behind him and kicked him into the pool he tried to swim up but there was some invisible thing blocking him I saw and felt his fear (like I do with all other people's emotions) and I jumped in the pool trying to help him. Then he just stopped struggling and went limp. I felt really sad. Later I saw this man at the pool again sitting in the same spot and I ran over to him and said, "you need to get away from the pool" he asked why and I said, "there's no time to tell you now" then he did it and when he was hiding the woman came out, looked around, and went inside I told him he could come out and I asked, "who was that"

He said, "that's my wife"

I said, "she was going to murder you"

He said, " I could see that, we were arguing a lot lately and he left and that was the last I saw of him and I think I saw him to set him free from the cycle. Please give your opinion.

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MirrorsO (1 stories) (150 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-08)
That's was interesting. 😁 I think I mentioned this in a older story before... About spirits stuck on the same day of their death, repeating it over and over again, without remembering the day before or looking forward to tomorrow. Like a limbo. Perhaps breaking the cycle had set him free, since it is the cycle that creates a time-loop for earthbound spirits. Good job!

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