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What Is This? An Ability Or A Coincidence?


For quite some time now, actually since elementary school, (and I'm a sophomore now) I've been experiencing things that kind of freak me out. For example, in elementary school, I would have dreams that occasional came true. My best friend (his family is really religious) told me that it's just the Devil putting images in my head, but I think that it's more than that.

Also, I can store my energy in different objects, then absorb it later. I don't know if its just my brain telling my body to wake up, or what it is. But I can also absorb energy from other living things. And I've thought before that I could teleport things while I was asleep. For example, my best friend was spending the night a couple years ago and when we went to bed, my book bag was zipped up with all my stuff in it, but when we woke up the next morning it was unzipped and all the stuff was scattered on the ground. And things tend to disappear when I'm around.

Another thing is that I can see people's auras and I can tell people's moods when I'm around them, even if they don't talk to me or tell me anything. My little brother also tells me that when I touch his arm or something, that me hands get extremely hot. I want to know if I do actually have an ability. Any help?

Thanks, Nate.

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Kittkat (5 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
i agree Adaryn7, but you do have abilities on your hands

Empathy-the ability to sense othere peoples feelings

Pyschicness-the abilty to predict what is happening

You might want to google how to control them as for Auras I read about a exercise to help you see auras better about mmid-day when its dark you go to a tree and try to see the white aura.
RougeElegance (guest)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
Dear Energystore29,

It is clear that you have abilities Nate 😊

I can understand you because people have said that to me as well.

When I was younger, I would tell others about my experiences because it scared me. They would normally say that it was the devil messing with my mind and that I should pray. A lot of people seem to say that...

I also agree with Adaryn7 about the the scattered objects.


Be Strong!

-RougeElegance ❤

P.S. I wish you success in learning how to develop your abilities and learning more about them!
Atrum_Amyethest (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
Yes, it definitely sounds like you have abilities. I believe that you are a bit of an empath, from your description of being able to feel other's moods. My friend is an empath as well. 😁

And having dreams that come true is definately an ability. Don't let your friend scare you with that, for some reason, some religions do not take well to this kind of thing. 😢

For transferring energy into objects, I can do that too, and I find it works best if you mentally 'ask' (as strange as it sounds) the object to hold energy for you. I find that they will hold more energy that way.

Also, I agree with Adaryn7, about the backpack incident.

I hope that this helps. Please feel free to email me. (my email is on my page)

Love and Light
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
Hi Nate

Be careful not to assume that every strange thing that happens, such as finding your bag unzipped in the morning, is due to psychic phenomena. There could be a perfectly logical explanation for that. I too have found things in my room that have moved around, and even when each member of the house denies having moved it, I don't automatically assume that a spirit is responsible;)

As for the warm hands, people whose hands grow warm around others can have healing abilities.

Hope this helps, good luck on your journey
Paymon (41 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
That sounds like a ability to me, I also have the ability to absorb a vast amount of energy and transfer them to objects. I can even redirect energy to make people lose balance, stumble, and feel dizzy. I learned how to control it, and I'm trying to make it better. If you want to learn how to control it email me at prohibited367 [at]

The other abilities idn about to much.

Paymon 9/10

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