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Every since I was seven years old, I can remember seen my grandmother's spirit come to me. This was just before my Uncle called my mom and told her that my grandmother had a heart attack passed away. There was another person with my grandmother's spirit I believe it was my Uncle who passed away when I was about four years.

Over the years the spirit came and go. When I turned about 11 years old I start get dreams that coming true. I remember in 6th grade I had a lot of time keep asking myself did we just had this conversation. Or it was like I was already there before now I here in same situation.

Two years later I started to get dreams and they were dreams that I should not know before it happens. Like dreams of conversations and then next day my friend starts the conversation had a dream about. Started grow to the point when got gut feeling I know something was going to happens.

During my high school years, got to a point that I could see my mother having a car crash as the same time it happens 30 minutes away before call the house. From about 14 to about 18 years old the spirits did not come to me. Except for one time there was a girl who I knew from my first job, she died from a heart condition. She was first spirit that talked to me. It scared me a lot because I just got out work at nigh there is spirit in my car.

Fast forward for the past ten months or so. My other grandmother got sick and I know from talking to her over phone she had about month to live. I had a feeling come over me. I did not go to see her in the hospital or at funeral. The reason I did not go the hospital because I wanted my last memory of her at her birthday being happy. The funeral I could not go because I had be in school. January 31 of this year my grandmother came to rest. Short before she died in North Carolina and me in Florida. I heard a whisper in my grandmother voice said take care of your mother for me.

Two weeks later I came home from school for weekend. I saw this lump on my cat's leg. I decide touch it and I got an overwhelming feeling came over me. I do not know if was I or something else. I know it cancer and she is going died within couple weeks. The whole thing came true.

I have move on accepted it. However, in last few months I saw animal spirits and human spirits all the peaceful but I see like up to 7 a week. I still have dreams that come true and also I had gut feeling that true as well. I am psychic or medium or both? Why all the sudden I feel like it has grown stronger?

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-13)
Mmhm you are definitely a psychic medium. You are very gifted indeed. Make sure you meditate upon the white light and protect yourself from negative energies. You may be able to help a lot of people in the future.

Blessings to you

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