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I'd like to tell you about my experiences, and would love your opinions. It could really help me a lot. It's started about two years ago. I would have really realistic, vivid dreams. For example, I would be standing on the sidewalk at school and my ex friend/ boyfriend would walk up to me and start talking to me and hug me. I thought this was a little odd considering we couldn't even look at each other let alone, be in the same room.

Another dream I had... While in the 8th grade. My friend told me she was moving away, and I began to cry in the dream. A couple days later she told me she was moving and I thought, she was joking. Then I realized she wasn't.

Another one was... I was in a high school classroom, and they called me to check out. Which I knew something was wrong, my parents never get me out of school. I made it to the office and my mom look in a hurry. I asked what was wrong and she said Grandma was sick, or that she had died. I cannot remember which one.

My first year of high school. Beginning of the year my grandma got sick from having strokes. Then My ex friend/boyfriend became friends again. Started dating again. I had dream he broke up with me. Then 2 days later he did. A little over a week my grandma passed away. I didn't remember the dream until months later.

I have had other dreams... But I have had more this past year that have come true. I usually do not tell people this, for the fear of them thinking I'm insane. Which I thought I was for a long time. Until I told my best friend. She was sure that I wasn't insane. She had told me it was a gift from god.

I had a short dream, where my friend. Drew was sitting on the bench at school and it had broke. He hit his head on the wall and it started bleeding. I had to apply pressure to his head. A couple days later he was on it, and it had broke. Luckily he didn't hit his head.

From the past couple of months I've had several dreams of me being in cars wrecks... Most of them are a blur and can hardly remember. Except the one I had just a few nights ago. It was the most real, vivid dream I've had in a long time.

I was driving in my mom's Rav Toyote. I was driving on a highway, and the car started speeding up on its own. It was going really fast and I was trying to avoid hitting cars. I slammed on the breaks but that made it go faster. I hit a vehicle and the car started flipping. Next thing I knew I was sitting in the lunch room. My face was scratched up, stitches on my forehead, and bruised. There was this guy sitting in front of me. I knew who he was. He said "so, I heard you were in a car wreck." I said to him "yeah, want to see my arms?" I pulled up both sleeves and there were these horrible burns, it looked like carpet burn sort of. It went from my wrist to my elbow. Then someone sat beside me in the opposite direction, and hugged me. It was Drew. I suddenly began to cry.

I had told my brother about the dreams before I had this one, he too said I have a gift. And this dream has really got me paranoid and scared.

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MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-15)
When you dream about the future in a dream or nightmare it isn't call a premonition. That's when you are awake and have a flash about the future. What you are experiencing are called precognitions. Thoughts of what will happen in the future that later do come true.

~No two things are the same

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