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A Confusing Meditation


To start off, I'm basically an empath/telepath with a whole bunch of other energy-sensing/manipulating gifts. Just to explain that. I also tend to form very very strong bonds with the people I love. There is one in particular who is extremely dear to me. He is a father-figure, a mentor, and a friend. He also has a rather potent talent for mind control, which he uses unconsciously, though always for good. Our bond is to the point that I can use his gift and he (despite the fact that he is not the greatest receiver) occasionally accidentally uses mine.

About 4 months ago, I was on a walk with two of my friends--one a psychic vampire who knows it and hates it, and one whose gifts are just too jumbled up to figure out. The latter of the two (the eldest of the three of us) was taking us younger ones to a place whose location was passed to her from another psychic at our college who had graduated who was shown it by someone else and so on. So this place has seen (to my knowledge) 10-13 years at least of university age psychics coming there to sit, talk, and escape into Nature. The spot was a place where two ancient trees had fallen over a creek and created a perfect set of seats. I immediately scrambled out to the centre of the smaller one and sat over the creek (filled with floodwater which makes my gift stronger) and just stared at the sky. The three of us fell to our own thoughts.

After about 15 minutes, I found myself unexpectedly really really wanting to meditate. So I fell into a light state, then a deeper one. I hadn't been meditating for long at that point--only a month--and I was surprised at how easy it was. I began by pulling into myself to make sure everything was okay, then I sent out little tendrils, I suppose of energy to the people I know to see what I could find. I felt my two friends nearby and their respective energy signatures, as well as some of the more recent (6ish years) signatures of other gifted individuals who made their way to the same place. Then I spread out a little farther and found my formerly mentioned friend--my heart's father.

Then something odd happened. As I just let a bit of my energy go near him, it sort of got attached to a cord that seemed to connect the two of us and went towards him, eventually disappearing into his energy. At that point, I was intrigued. A bit afraid, but intrigued. So I purposely tried to see what he was thinking--normally a fairly commonplace thing for me, though usually done without intent. And I felt his gift sort of combine with mine and the cord between us was filled with little dancing bits of energy, both his and mine. Sort of like those little lightnings from static electricity, but they felt sort of warm and nice. It was like a union of sorts, I suppose, and it seems to almost be too personal to talk about this openly. But this lasted for maybe fifteen to twenty minutes--I was only meditating for about half an hour. When I next opened my eyes, I was still on the tree in the woods and my friends hadn't noticed much, just that I was meditating and had check ed on both of them early on. I tried to see if they might know what was going on, but they didn't. So I'm wondering if anyone might have some clue what the heck happened. I'm so confused and I really don't know what it could be. If you need any additional info, just ask.

In Faith, Hope, and Love,


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Beyondananda (12 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-21)
One thing that strikes me is all this attention to the "psychic vampire". I know why people use that expression, but I think you need to stop thinking that way about oblivious people. What exactly does "psychic vampire" mean to you?

You would do well to meditate on those issues, on the weaknesses of others that you might be able to help - meditate on compassion and lovingkindness. Otherwise what you are doing is useless.

Rest in the Palm of Buddha ❤
funnybunnychowchow (1 stories) (49 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-19)
ahhh I can't believe this I have a psi vamp friend too (she doesn't know it though) and I have another pschic friend too. I have weird meditation too I get flash backs from when I was under3 and in a past life.

Fire and Ice
Psychegrl (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-18)
oh my gosh this story really surprised me because I am also an empathic teen, and I also have a psychic vampire friend too! Wow that's weird. Ok then, anyway, that energy stuff is sometimes confusing. I know when I am meditating odd things happen too. That is very curious what happened to you though 😊
ghostgirl3512 (6 stories) (298 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-17)
I think that you and this person you are connacted to have a psychic conection. I'm connacted to most of my friends psychicly. Because of this, I'm able to feel their strong emotions no matter where they are, and it works vice versa with me.
Between the two of you sound quite gifted. If you have any questions, please email me. It's posted on my profile.

~The path of Light is made by Dark~

Blessed be
Lolli ❤
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
12 years ago (2010-07-17)
i guess you felt a pull toward the closest person to you. He can use your ability at times right? So I guess while you were in such a deep state of meditation and feeling the energies around you, your energy just pulled towards him. I guess it proves how well developed a psychic you are. It may have something to do with place you were meditating at. It sounds so peaceful. Usually places filled with such healthy nature are filled with energy. Psychics usually tune in well with the energy. Well, good luck with everything. Thanks for the story. It was well written.
peotic555 (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-15)
Good Story, maybe your souls connected or know each other from a previous life.

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