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First of all, this has been happening for about a year. It all started when my Grandfather died about 7 months or so ago. I'm not all that close to him. Also I was just giving a close time and a little reason why this might be happening, because I have heard that if a relative died you may have some sort of things like this.

It all started with having dreams that come true. At first I just thought it was something not to think about, or worry about in anyway. Then it started with more dreams coming true, and the only time that I dreamt was when it was a dream that comes true. There always in the future though. I don't really understand. Even though they come true, there just about normal things, like driving in a car or little events that happen in the future. Nothing like a seeing some one get murdered or anything. For example: My Step mom and real Dad got a new dog Friday night, and sees a show dog so shes not used to so much attention and other dogs. I have 2 other dogs. So we took them for a walk altogether to get them used to each other. When we were on the walk I had Deja Vu, because I saw this in a dream. So just things like that.

Third, I have been able to do one weird thing, but only twice. It was something like this: I was just thinking to myself, and all of a sudden I started thinking of this on song that my mom had been singing lately. It was on the way home from school. So I asked if we could turn on the radio because I wanted to listen to it of course, and it was off. Anyways when she turned it on that song was playing. Another time, which was Friday night, I was riding in the car with my dad because he picks us up every other Friday. So I was also just thinking to myself and I just randomly thought of this song, and right then the song came on next on the radio. (just adding this) One time I was playing outside and all of a sudden I got this idea that I should call my dad, and so right when I called him he answered and said " Oh, good timing I was just about to call you." This kind of made me think, and was kind of weird.

Fourth, I a lot of the time feel like I'm being watched when no ones around. It happens a lot. Other times I am walking down a hallway and everything's fine so then all of a sudden I get this heavy feeling and its hard to breath. It feels like someones right behind me fallowing me, but when I turn to look no ones there. Also when I'm outside I feel like I'm being watched and when I hold out my hand and talk to well no one I guess you could say, it feels like someone else's hand slide into mine like I'm holding hands with the air. So sometimes I feel like I'm being touched by somethings that's not there. When I sleep in my bed at night, I feel like someones standing right next to my bed looking down at me.

A couple of times I have had items move or disappear, and when they Disappear I look everywhere for them, and I find them in the weirdest places. Places that I would never put that item.

Also going back tot he dream thing, this dream really interested me. What happened was, in the dream I was with my mom and she was going to look at a new house to buy, and so when we where there (we did not go inside, we only sat in the car and looked at it) I looked up because I felt like something was there, and when I did, I saw a child, a ghost child. She had longish brown hair and was wearing a rich like old fashioned dress. Very old fashioned! So she started showing up during the dream and we talked but I could not hear what she was saying or what we were talking about. Then the dream ended.

I do meditate. When I do I feel like somethings there watching me and it disturbs me until I open my eyes. Sometimes when I meditate I see a girl. Shes about 15 or 14 I'd say, and shes wearing a knee long white dress, and shes a white girl with Red hair. I can't see here face, I can only see her smile. Sometimes she smiles at me. Other times I see a soldier in a blue uniform. Hes tall and bold, he looks like a General in the army. He has short brown hair, and brown eyes. I can sees his face and he looks serious, no smile, no emotion, just a serious face.

Please help me! I am confused on what's going on! Please no rude, or mean comments, I would just like to know what's going on. I also am wandering if Dreaming in color is normal. I dream in color and black and white. I have not asked anyone I knew if they dream in color, so its just some question I was wandering.

Also, another thing is, yesterday I was driving in the car with my Step dad and we passed this place and I was all like "There was a death that happened here" and then my step dad, I don't know how we got on the conversation, but he said that one person did die. Plus that was by a house, and I did not know there was a death there. So the girl who lived there had a husband and he died of a heart attack right there.

Another Time, I was outside and I turned to face my neighbor's fence and I saw a dark shadow, a solid figure of a man. That was a shadow. Then it disappeared. Also a few minutes after that I was in the back yard, and I have one of those fences that are kind of see though. Well if your close enough you can see though these little parts of it. So I turned to face that and I saw a man and thought "Oh okay its just a guy." But he was close to my fence so I went to go check it out what he wanted so I climbed up on the fence enough to see over and it only took me a second, but I saw nothing. Luckily my brother happen to be coming home that exact time and I asked him, "If he saw a man out in the front yard?" He then answered "No, I did not see anyone." This freaked me out.

Also, one day I was at my dads house and I went down stairs to ask my brother something. (we were the only two in the house) Anyways on the way down the stairs had this heavy feeling like someone was behind me and watching me from below the stairs. I quickly turned around and decided to go out onto the back porch to get some air. Well, I stayed out for a second or so then decided to go back in because the heavy feeling was still there. When I turned to open the door it was locked. I had to bang on the door to get my brother coming up stairs so he could unlock it! This freaked me out also!

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Translator (guest)
13 years ago (2010-07-23)
I understand completely. Thanks alot. I'll have to practice my ability. Anyways, do you of you acturly help other people? I would love to be able to. Any other comments are welcome!
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-19)
Everybody is psychic, and you are no exception. I suspect your abilities are developing because you're practicing meditation.

Is it normal to dream in colour? Most definately. Most people dream in colour, and only a few in black and white only. Do you ever have lucid dreams?

If you don't have pesky younger siblings whom like to hide your stuff, someone from the other side may be moving things around to get your attention. However, I'm always careful with this one. My stuff gets moved around a lot, and while I swear I haven't left it where I've found it, and everyone else in the house swears too that they haven't touched it, I don't automatically assume it's a ghost, though it is a possibility.

The man that you saw on the lawn sounds like a shadow person.

Hope this helps--blessings to you on your journey
noelleesmith (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-19)
I don't believe that any of this has a thing to do with "becoming psychic" I think its all brought on by spirits. I go through some of the same things you do and come to find out most of the women in my family do. Some people are just more in toned to the spiritual world. I'm in emt school and on Saturday I actually had an old lady that I picked up on as having an evil spirit on her. Whatever was on her recognized something about me. Even with 5 other medics standing right beside me she singled me out and glared at me with a look that made me want to crawl out of my own skin. As far as things disappearing and you finding them later or doors getting locked, there is something playing games with you. Possibly trying to drive you to the snapping point. Dont look at this kind of stuff as fun and games. The more you dabble in it and get sucked into it, the more you will have attaching to you. You never know what you will be able to handle and what you wont...seriously. Be careful.
If you want to talk heres my email address noelleesmith [at]
bloodredrose (11 stories) (162 posts)
13 years ago (2010-07-19)
you are in the midst of becoming a psychic... Just practice and you'll become like the rest of us.

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