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Orbs And Visions


I am just new to this and would like some help if possible? Some things have happened to me. I have a better understanding of it now, but would like to know if anyone can relate to what I am about to share, which is all true! Here goes. I am catholic I went to a catholic primary school but when I hit teens and attended high school I started going off the rails smoking drugs and ended up taking amphetamine in my 20s.

I have just left my flat I was staying in for 4 years as something bad happened there! I only just started noticing when one day, I felt cold shivers on my body, then at night felt something touching me! I took a video footage and pics on my phone and found floating orbs. Then I seen a snake on the carpet with a red eyes! I was scared and I didn't know what to do. I was losing sleep and I thought I was going insane! I was so scared I ended up going to church one day and cried for a good 20 minutes I saw a priest and showed him the video and pictures on my phone. He said he would come and bless the house. Once the house was blessed things cooled down but something was still there. I was getting touched a lot and was bumping into walls. I ended up saying a prayer to expel evil spirits from the home. But when I did it, something came out of me! I ended up leaving the flat and moving out of town. I have been going to mass since that day I went into church. I was praying one day and all of a sudden my forehead went hot while I prayed.

Since that things have happened I have seen visions of people I don't know, then a couple of days later they are in the paper after an accident or passed away! I have told my girlfriend and her parents that when I stay at there home I close my eyes and see balls of light and shapes moving. Also someone holds my hand and is on my right all the time. I have also seen my girlfriends grandad and grandma who are in spirit. I have also seen the bad side. I have had bad dreams in 3d I have seen visions which have been like something from a computer game. I also have a tendency to look exactly when someone is speaking about me or being a bit 2 faced, I have always had this. My awareness is pretty good and I can see when someone is away to walk past a window or come round a corner. I have also seen Jesus and Mary in the church I think I might have a tendency to do reki I just find this hard to understand at times. Can anyone relate to this or am I just insane!

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