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Ever since I was 8 I could feel other peoples emotions, I thought it was a part of growing up, id usually tell them how they feel and what there trying to say and they reckon I'm weird and they would go "how did you know that", and I would tell them that I don't know. As years go by it would get stronger, I would want more time to myself like a loner at school and I can feel a presence of someone or something coming, I can tell when someone is lying. When I got to year 6 this guy was telling me off I wanted to hit him but teachers were there so I just stared at him not knowing what I was doing, he felt strange then it turned into a headache well that's what my friends told me, he went to the sickbay so he couldn't go to the period, when I am around someone they say their really tired when I feel great (that happens rarely though), I learn things really fast, psi ball, mentally hurt people. In year seven I started seeing this glow around me greenish bluish, and on others I see other colours but its not that clear, I went up to my friend and put my hand out and vibrating it he said he felt sleepy (can someone tell what that is), I did the same thing but this time his right was in immense pain (got a detention cause the guy told and said I hit him in the eye).

James L

Idk this all could be my imagination

Im 14 years old year 8

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Forever-Angel (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-04-28)
Hi. I get what you're saying and I find it happens to me alot. It's not your imagination, it's real. I used to have a ton of friends but in the last year or so I have had a hard time being in crowds and malls, I find myself very overwhelmed. I am now a "loner" in school and I hear people's thoughts which is very frustrating because I am subject to a lot of rumours going around about me and my best friend dating... So after break he and I walk up to class and I hear every ones thoughts about what they thought we were doing at break. I'd love to learn the way you can inflict pain on people and make them feel sleepy by touching their Aura.
Lili (111 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-09)
No it's definetely not imagination.

Feeling other people's emotion is called empathy.

When you know what someone is going to say that's probably telepathy - reading somebody's mind. That goes with the thing you know when somebody is lying.

From the hurting thing... It seems that you mentally hurt him. That's an ability too. Try to control yourself most of the times.

You are also a psychic vampire. You feed of other people... Kind of this is why everybody around you was tired while you were happy. You were taking their energy.

Learning things really fast, it means that you are just probably really smart😜.

This glow means that you are probably seeing people's auras.

The putting your hand... You kind of mentally give people pain and other emotions.

Practise with your abilities. They could be useful sometimes [probably being useful already].


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