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A Few ESP Experiences


A few months ago, a lot of ESP type activities started happening. It all started when I began to meditate on a daily basis (versus once or twice a week).

I had just gotten off work and I was waiting around for my brother to give me a ride home. It was about 2:00am and the bar was closing. The juke box was kind of annoying, so I went to turn it off since we were almost closed, but at the last second I decided not to since people like to complain. As I walked away the juke box stopped playing while it was in the middle of the song. It normally only does that if the song is skipping, which it wasn't.

I was asking my self "did I do that? It's not like the song was skipping" then as soon as I thought the word "skipping" the song that had started playing started skipping.

I was laying in bed one night, I couldn't get to sleep. Then out of no where I woke up, and for some reason I looked up into the corner of my room on the ceiling. I had this weird feeling that someone was there watching me. I think it may have just been a psychic that I had asked to do a reading for me over the internet.

A couple weeks later before I went to bed, I had spoken out loud that if I really have a spiritual guide to show me a sign... Later when I was in bed, I went to turn over and clearly heard a deep male voice call out my name. I heard it in my head, telepathically.

A few days ago at work, I was in the kitchen (I'm a cook) making something. When I went to get something, it wasn't there because the person before hadn't restocked it. I got pretty angry and one of the circuits on the circuit breaker blew! I normally don't get mad, the person was new and didn't know any better.

Maybe I should start meditating everyday instead of once a week... Or once every two weeks. Sometimes it just gets old, I know I can gain a lot from meditation. Heck it cured my depression... But sometimes it's hard to get motivated you know?

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theshadow (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-29)
you blowing a circut ok I need tips if you can help me I need help in psychics
Abby (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-08)
Dear brian,

You are just re-connecting with your self, sixth sense and spirit. Let things come and go each day and observe them and find balance or what the purpose might be or might have been. The messages are always coming in and your messages are always going out.

I believe you can let your mind go blank any time and any where, like a form or it is day dreaming.
When you are doing the most mundane, day to day things that is the best time to just concentrate on the chore at hand and observe the messages. You can receive many "bright ideas", answers, inspiration, etc. While just living your daily life. The message is in the simple things and the balance of them. Meditate on the most simplest of daily chores and things you do within your life.

Sometimes just getting away from the space you are in and going for a walk, doing something a bit different and especially connecting with nature (a walk outside, swimming, hiking, rock hunting, and so forth) can help open and reconnect you, your senses and your spirit.

Keeping your own life, your personal living space and your body in simple, balanced, healthful condition will also help tremendously.

Sensitives need quiet and stress free time to themselves to regenerate as they pick up much negatives with the incoming messages and energies of others, their environment and the other side. This advice is helpful to all readers here, it is for myself.

Meditation or anything should not be a bore and a chore if you just incorporate it into your daily routine and think of it as a part of you, a good habit or ritual, like brushing your teeth.

Find meditations you vibrate, resonate and connect with. Try others' suggested meditations and make up your own, but use what you feel best works for you.

Change it up if it becomes too mundane and day to day, then come back later and resume the tried and true for you.

Incorporate, don't separate. As human beings we are one in all things and meditation is a part of us and never has been separate. It is a human beings' judgment that makes it separate like all other human made judgments here.

Those times you space out or day dream are times your spirit is meditating, gathering information, and regenerating to balance. Don't beat yourself up when there is nothing coming in or you have reached a plateau. There is always something that can be learned from this too. Just let it flow like the tides' of daily life, let it ebb and flow, ebb and flow. --Abby'd

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