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Message from an Intelligent Being?


So about two or three months ago I was trying out the Gateway Voyage CDs from the Robert Monroe Institute. I'm really into meditation so I thought I would give them a try. I was using the track called "Five Questions", basically while in a deep meditation you ask five questions and your spiritual guide or other entity is supposed to answer. Normally answers are received as images or thoughts, sometimes verbal but it's rare...

The first question was "Who am I?"

At first I started seeing some images, but I couldn't make them out. It may have been my imagination. But then a few seconds before the next question was asked I heard a deep and clear voice say "your god" I know some religions believe that we're all gods/part of god so no big deal...

The second question was "Where and who was I before I entered this physical being?"

I don't really remember the answer to this, I think it was a little of the same answer as before.

The third question was "What is my purpose for this existence in physical matter reality?"

I started to see images of people, they looked frightened, scared, etc. This has a meaning to me. I would interpret it as meaning that I'm here to help others, maybe save the world from tyranny. When I was in high school I knew deep down I'd do great things some day. Back then I thought it just meant that I'd own/co own a business that would be successfully. But that idea has evolved into what I just mentioned... A lot is possible out of the body.

The fourth question was "What action can I now take to serve this purpose best?"

All I saw was an image of a man meditating, which to me means I need to meditate more often so I can leave the body to serve whatever purpose.

The final question is "What is the most important message that I can receive and understand at this point in my existence?"

At first I saw nothing but black darkness, then I saw a small white light, the light came at me and grew as it got closer, I think I remember the light being on some kind of staff maybe.

So at tremendous speeds I go through the light (first person view, as if it were me), now I'm in space, I can see the moon then I shoot right through it at un imaginable speeds. I arrive at some planet, I think it was Jupiter since it had rings. I took a spin around it a few times, still at high speeds. Then I shoot out into space, outside of our solar system. Instantly I'm at some other planet, I'm flying above some kind of city at night.

I didn't get close enough to see people but I can remember some of the buildings, and weird structures... Nothing like on earth. I flew over a few cities at high speeds so I don't remember much. Although I did slow down while I was flying above the roof tops of buildings.

So then I shoot back to Earth, then I shoot back into space. I just stopped and stared at the stars, I was in complete awe, felt at peace with the universe.

After that the session was over, I was a little freaked out but at the same time I was experiencing extreme bliss. I tried to go to bed but after about 2 hours I just got up around 9:00AM, brewed some green tea and went to mcdonalds for breakfast. On my way there and while I was eating, I felt like a little shook up. I was just trying to make since of it all.

I wrote this right after it happened a few months ago, I've tried to edit it to make a little more sense. So if some of the wording is off because I was a little freaked out at the time, haha.

When the fifth question was answered it was basically a "vision" or maybe a guided "remote viewing".

It was very real, nothing my imagination could simply make up

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-21)
You young people, believe EVERY SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE IS GOOD! Just like babies, that put ANYTHING in their mouth, even dog pooh! Give me a break! The spirit guide told you: 'you are God'... Well, guess what? Satan told the same thing to adam and eve, and they got in trouble, BIG TIME! Satan said: 'don't listen to God, who told you not to eat from the fruit of knowledge, because you'll die, he was lying! You won't die, YOU WILL BECOME GODS!' So they ate the fruit, and the rest is history... Don't listen to unspecified spirits, that masquarade as 'guides' 'helpers' 'healers' 'aliens' or 'dead people'... They are DEMONS in disguise, and LIARS! And want to destroy us by trusting them, and then LEADING US ASTRAY. Sorry as* satan, HATES OUR GUTS, because we are children of God, and get to go to heaven! You can never be God! Did YOU make the planets, the sun, the oceans, the earth etc? Can you even make an ant?...NO! So don't believe, or talk to 'spirits'... They'll have your as* on a stick if you give them half the chance! God said: do not channel/contact spirits, do not tell the future, do not cast spells. FOR OUR OWN GOOD! These unknown spirits WILL DEFILE YOU, soul and body. How many stories and testimonies do we have of people that did these things, (and how many who are ashamed to say...), who opened up their life and mind to spirits, and the spirits got agressive when they were ignored, and oppressed them, shouting voices in their mind and home, haunted them, sexually abused them, torchered and sometimes possessed them... And they had to go to an orthodox christian priest for advice and help! Beware! Don't play with the occult... It is fire, and you'll get burnt. Some people sold their soul to these demon as* 'spirit guides', and got riches, fame and fortune in this life, as psychic mediums! But in return, they'll have to spend eternity being torchered, by sorry as* demons...! Is that what you want? WELL BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, YOU MIGHT JUST GET IT! As for me, i'm 50, and avoid these things with Jesus' help, and I have the most powerful and loving spirit guides in the universe: Jesus, his holy angels and saints! No sorry as* demon can stand up to them!... And YOU my friends, can have them too! Just stop living in sin, gradually, with God's help. Close the doors that you've opened to the demons, through occult spiritual practices, and open the door to Jesus and his angels! How? Well, not through channeling them, by ouija or tarot, or meditation or seance... But you must PRAY, fast from meat and dairy when you can. Read the bible and psalms. PRACTICE the bible. And you'll be o.k! Trust me! And it's FREE! Visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. And remember, without God's protection and guidance, we are just dust in the wind!...
brian (6 stories) (18 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-09)
thanks to all of you. Lately I've been realizing that when I meditate regularly that things kind of speed up. More experiences occur more often
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-07)
Dear Brian,

You have a good set of learning tools to help guide you. Robert Monroe's books are also very good and helpful. Your story lifted my spirits as it reminds me of when I was younger and was going through those first steps, and I was very happy to discover Robert Monroe and his books (at the time new books) as confirmation. When I was younger there was not as much information as there is today, and certainly no CD's either. Many are very lucky for the advancement in awareness.

CVT6702, Rosemary's comment is well said and so true too.

I am a prolific dreamer both day and night, and I do most all of my learning and "other side" work in that state and realm.

I am also familiar with prisonplanet and I like Alex Jones.

In regards to your questions and answers, your answers will change and become more clear as you advance in your own personal learning and awareness. May I also suggest using a tape recorder right after any such meditative, hypnotic, day or night dream, obe, remote viewing and so forth, type of states, travels and experiences. It will help you recall everything immediately for writing them down.

Happy other realm travels. Be prepared to meet many new and interesting beings, as well as to go to some interesting places.

Blessings, Abby
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-06)
To Brian:
As you continue to meditate you will no doubt continue to get some fantastic information from your Guides in the Spirit World and at first you really don't know what to make of it all but as time goes on your will adjust to it.
In my sleep state I have had Guides have me scale tall buildings and go down the oher side and later they told me this was to get me over my fear of heights.
They have given me X-ray vision on occassion and let me look into peoples bodies and see fetuses before the mother knew she was pregnant and I have looked into my sisters lung and saw a cyst that she didn't know was there but later a Doctor found it and treated her for it.
That is only a few of the things I have experienced and I know you will in the future be amazed at how fast things move once your guides know you are interested in doing this work.
vel (3 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2007-10-06)
Incredible Brian!
Wished I knew what to say but I haven't done this as of yet.

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