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I'm Intrigued Yet Worried About This New Ability


Recently I woke up and felt as if something was different I felt ill and also quite faint. I walked downstairs and had my breakfast, and was reading the newspaper still not feeling quite 100%, and then I put my stuff in the dishwasher. Unfortunately I got into an argument with my dad and at the peak of the argument I felt like I could sense his emotions and also some of his thoughts. As soon as I sensed it however it went away (as did also the bad feeling). Startled by this beautiful and unusual discovery, I went upstairs and tried to find that "sense". I did.

I thought about the argument and what the rushing feeling of my father's emotions running through me, and then I could sense them. It was as if I was experiencing what he was feeling at the moment.

After 2 weeks of experimenting I discovered that I was able to sense people from both close and also afar, I was able to sense how they were feeling and also had an "inner sense/inkling" as to where they were and/or what they were planning to do.

Although new to the positive side of this ability, I recently however have experienced a bad side, I not only can sense there emotions and directives but also can pick up random peoples emotions, and also directives. Because I wasn't prepared it stuck in me and took me several hours to lose the connection that was made.

I'm finding it difficult to cope with this new ability, and I don't know if I am the only person who has experience in this ability, however it may look all nice in the films and media but from my experience this is real and not amazing.


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Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-20)
empath will be a dieing gift for it has ruined to much for to meny people miss use it just to watch people twirl grown up I used to use it to help people cry when they should or I would use it to relate to the right people to help them. To Jakeintrouble god loves you and he has a gift just for you it will make you feel quite good and those around you for it is called good vibes for when you feel happy excited or any good emotions you can pass them out around you like a ripple to make others feel it to I you will be stronge with this oh and there is a twist to for you can also make people feel buzzed or high and or a natrul intoxication it can be quite fun but the key is to make sure once you reach the peek of your good emotions try to like like in to them and hold them that way when you pass the vibe it will be strong every time you do this it will grow strong I like to use it but its a little hard for me for my more greater gift is to make people feel peacefull as long as I am just be site now that one keeps me out of trouble. God is Love
owl77 (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-19)
I am an empath too and before I knew I had some kind of ability, it was driving me crazy. I am just figuring out how to do shields and ask God for help. I can feel everyone's emotions around me. I know what people are thinking. The negative stuff is hard to take sometimes. It's good that you know you have an ability because now you can use things to help you. I have found it very overwhelming if I do not protect myself. My ability has become more powerful the older I get.
bnaur (10 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-17)
Be patient with your gift, you will learn to master it. Just remember this gift was from God and was given to help you return to him. Use it for good and be strong in faith.
daisee1203 (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-17)
Another empath here! I do exercises often and they have helped. I've even gotten pretty good at knowing someone close to me was "off" and calling my list of friends until I found who it was. Once we talk about what they were going through my discomfort goes away. I don't do this (empath) consciously so I have to disagree with the person that stated its invasive to others without their permission. Personally, I feel if anyone is invasive its them, as they aren't in charge of their own emotions and they are spilling all over the place so to speak. I feel I was given this ability for my personal use and protection in additon to helping others. However, I won't give input unless I'm invited and even them I'm very careful about what I say because its not my life and I'm just an observer in theirs. Anywhoo, I pick up people with dis-ease. I can see/feel sickness. I believe this is why hospitals have always, always freaked me out. Now I know so I can better help myself with shielding. PS - I think being an empath is just the first step to other abilities.

Welcome this ability. Its mind blowing at first I'm sure but its there for a reason. All is well. 😊
Kittkat (5 stories) (18 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-16)
Hi there:3 I'm empathic too but instead if a bunch of feelings I feel peoples pain all you have to learn is how to control empathic abilitys. Good luck.;)
whitewing (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-14)
Hi ya,

This sounds funny but I was recently "diagnosed" lol, as an empath. I have other abilities as well but this one is the most recent. Through a series of coincidences I ended up being guided to this woman that heals morphic fields (your etheric body). These fields of energy surround us all and are all different sizes, colours and diameters. They can be clogged (much like chakras) and cause a lot of discomfort within the human body, mind and soul. Anyways, when this woman did the treatment, I felt a lot like the large computer screen in Avatar... She was the hand moving things around and re-adjusting my energy, meridians and past life leftover stuff. I did not know I was an empath, I did not know I had an etheric body and I didn't understand why I would feel a certain way around people and had a hard time in large crowds. I'll stop rambling, you need to ground yourself, you need to balance and clear your morphic fields all the time (by the hour when necessary) in order not to collect other peoples crap. It can make you sick and depressed. She also told me that without realizing it I was more or less "invading" other people by not having permission to "feel" them. I'm learning new things now, it's helped alot. Her name is Yvette Guy you can find her at Her assignment is to help us newbies (i'm 40! LOL) get a grip on our abilities so that we can help the rest of the people see and feel the love and light and get through the upcoming years:) hope this helps, good luck
P.S. She also cut all etheric cords from me, good idea too!
Jakeintrouble (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-14)
I don't doubt that I'm strong, I have relative in Africa at the moment and I can easily pick up his sense, within minutes.
The only issue is, disconnecting and when I have 30-40 people all going through me it becomes a very incapacitating and powerful sense and can cause me lots of grief.
If I can shield this then I will have more control over this ability.
skywire4929 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-09-14)
[at] Eric-Baal
Thats not nice for you to say those things, let them do as they please. Your ment to teach and help them learn not to let them down. Simple empath? Any empath could become strong, any psychic can become powerful. Any human could become stronger (well that's if you train them...). An empath is given hes/hers abilities for a reason, something they alone should find out.
Eric-Baal (1 stories) (255 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-14)
I guess I am just going to repeat what everyone esle says. Your just a simple empath. Its not much of an ability but for someone new at all this it could be very fun. Only bad side is since your new to it all, sometimes when you pick up on someones emtions your emotions might get mixed up in theres... Totally changes yours. Sometimes that can be good or bad. Example, your walking down the street and you pick up on someone who is pist off and sad. You know feel his emotions and for the newbieness syndrom you know feel pist off and sad for a while.

Once you learn your ability empath usually becomes an annoying ability.

If you ever need help getting rid of a ability just email me at rc_hardy [at] Thats my PE Website email.
LungGomPa (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-13)
My freind, shields and barriers are not only possible, but necessary for the proper functioning of mental abilities, for, if I cannot block out, or nullify mental assaults and irritations, they will color and change the energies I'm trying to mold to do work.
What I did was try to identify the areas of my brain that control energy flow, and using my imagination and feeling for energy and desperation to fight and block negative entities to form retractable barriers of varying strengths to deal with it.
The prefrontal lobe was my first area of concern, my mental sight and hearing were next, my heart and bowels followed, for all needed to be protected at times.
I suggest asking creator for help, as she made us all, and is willing to teach us if we damand it, (yes, demand from creator),
And are free from negative quantum states like results from lying, stealing, and apathies.
I cannot use energy with love if I am constatly having to accept negative results from my actions. So, I had to clean up my spirit, (a recording device, for that is what it is,) a device to record results.
My knowings have taken me years of work, alone and with creator, I trust no source without rigorous testing, demanding empirical data based on reality, free from the taint of feelings or beliefs...
Once again, that which does not return positive results should be discarded, unless it's only wow factor or time killing you seek. True love work is not always pleasant, and sometimes you have to make a cut to get at the cancer. It's not about happy feeling good, love everybody butterflies and tye-dyes. People areb dying and they need our gifts and love. Remember we have a responsibility to our gifts, and can use them as we will, for they are gifts.
But... They can be and mostly are used for selfish or inimical reasons, with attending results.
All I ask myself is this; Are my results positive, and are they worth repeating?
Jakeintrouble (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-13)
So In order to control my own empathic ability, I need to learn how to create an energy shield?
I don't understand how although I have sent you an email to request on how to create one of these 😊
Dividention (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-12)
Hi JakeinTrouble:)

It seems to me that you are an empath! And a very good one at that, since you can sense from both close and far away. Congratulations! Empathy is a very beautiful gift to have, it allows you to see from others' point of views and understand people better. However, it can also be a burden, when you don't keep it in check. What you can do about this is shield. Shielding is like putting a suit of energy on. It can be protective energy, offensive energy, any kind, really. If you have any questions about how to do this, email me at Dividention34 [at]

Once again, congrats on the new ability!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-12)
Jakeintrouble, I have found I am an empathetic. One whom can sense the feelings emotions or thoughts of others. With this is an exchange of energy. By using our own energy we can become depleted. A friend of mine uses a figure 8.
One loope around yourself and another around the person.
He normally counsils people whom can be ill and some suffer from mental disorders. Another uses protection/clearing the area after counseling.

The key is to understand ourself physically, spritually, mentally, plus enlist other tools as shielding, meditation plus maniplate energy.

With family it gets a little tricky since there are connections which can be in place automatically. Hearing an adult child cry on a phone recorder yet nothing recorded.
But verifying this is the case!

Dreaming a strange dream to awaken
Experiencing symptoms at 2am my heart racing in my chest and stop. Speaking to my aunt tells me my brother had a heart attack a few hours same day and he lives in another country.

Becoming aware that these experiences can change and many times do not have the same format has been tricky for myself.

Everyone is different so each individual should keep a count for themself.

Best wishes
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
you have the same ability as me. Its some kind of strong empathy, though for me, its quite different. Check out my story if you want to know.
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
Yo another random thing please I call out for I do need some one to help with my memories a little earlyer to day they had me singing a song I never herd before and they said my self as orion and ruwlenda wrote it and they told me I could find a newer version of it so I downloaded it and it made me get so emotional specail sence ruwlinda is form from the clay on mars and the artest is called jars of clay and they said that it was about our son and then the title way called jesus blood never failed me yet I'm freaking a little I guess I am who they claim me to be the rebirth of orion the beging of new blood for my brothers and sisters are here.
Newblood (1 stories) (202 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
WEll I talk to angels and this is kind of sound like bull but they said that god was going to choose certen people to be vampires and I would help create them and to PathR focus on your reguler life as much as you can that way the new gifts you have will evolv around trust me you are ment to be strong.
Jakeintrouble (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
Re: PathR
So you have the same ability as me? So for me to be able to control this wave of senses I get, I need to connect with my own sense?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)

Yes! Myself included, had in the past encurred problems disconnecting.

The main focus I have found helpful is knowng myself and my own energy.

There must be tools we use to disconnect at the end, ground plus using protection before assessing a situation.

In your story you said: "you were not
Prepared it took you hours to disconnect". This is an invaluable lesson.

Blessings on your journey
CuriousPsychic13 (16 stories) (141 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-11)
Well you're definetly an empath, no doubt about it. My advice would be to develop tolerance to strong emotions from others, to kep yours in check but let them flow, and to practice control everyday. I'm a kind of empath, so I can't relate completely but feeling emotions that aren't yours, I can understand.

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