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I Know I've Always Been Different, But Am I Psychic?


I am currently 17 years old, and I have been having strange psychic experiences ever since I was a little kid. I don't even know where to begin, there are so many things that have happened. I guess I will start with what has been happening to me the longest. For about 10 years now, I have been having what feels like deja vu, but I know it's more than that. It happens to me randomly, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once every two months. I feel like I have dreamt the future, dreamt what's going to happen. The weird thing is is that I can't remember the dreams until they happen. But when they do happen, I know exactly what's going to take place. I know who will be near me, what they will say, and exactly what they will do. It only lasts for about a minute, but it is the strangest thing and almost scary. I wish I was able to remember these "visions" before they happened.

That's not the only thing that happens to me. It is very easy for me to predict little things, like who is calling or texting me, I can finish people's sentences, even guess what they are thinking sometimes. It's especially easy reading my mom and dad. I know exactly what they are going to say before they say it, and if they forget what they were going to say, I usually remember for them and it freaks my mom out sometimes, haha. For example, one night my mom was trying to remember something that she used to eat for dinner all the time with my dad (they're divorced now) and I asked, "Pizza pasta?" and she was in shock for about an hour.

Besides the visions and predicting people's actions, I feel like I can "feel" other people's emotions. This has just started happening recently. About a week ago, my step mom was arguing with my brother, and the entire family was in the living room. It was so odd, but I felt like I could actually sense what everyone was feeling. The most powerful emotion was my step mom's resentment and anger. It felt like it was crushing my chest it was so strong. Plus I felt my brother's annoyance, and I could tell he felt belittled. It was so weird, I don't know if it was a psychic ability exactly, but it was so strong it definitely didn't feel normal.

Besides these, I feel like I can tell what people are like without even really talking to them. It sounds weird, but I get weird "vibes" around some people or in some places, like I can feel their energy. There's also the small things like guessing exactly what someone had for dinner, and stuff like that.

I know I have been blabbing on for a while now, but I'm just kind of scared and would really like someone to tell me what's going on. I've felt out of place and alone for most of my life, and this is mainly why. I've told only a few people about this, but I doubt they take me seriously. I would like to know how to control these things, and maybe have someone to talk to. Thank you for all of your help.:)

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ToriaBlade (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-25)
Though I'm only 15, many of the same things have happened to me. All of them, in fact. Have been for most of my life. If you would like to know more you could check out my profile page. I am going to start writing posts about all the different experiences in my life, because I would like to find out exactly what my "abilities" are.
I can tell you that there is no need to be scared. Don't go anywhere near a Ouji Board and you'll be fine, as long as you aren't trying to summon anything. Just be careful about what you read on the internet.
Good luck to you.
Hmb36 (6 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-22)
The feelings, you knowing emotions, is called Empathy. I'm a weak Empath. Is a sensitivity thing. I'm a sensitive, I can feel peoples steps, the motion, in rooms away. It's a cool thing, but I can also sense spirits. All I know, is that everyone is psychic, just some people can activate it more. By choice or not. But I'm sure your an Empath;) try to lern to se auras. I learned, and it's a cool trick 😁
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-21)
Everyone! I mean EVERYONE is a PSYCHIC~
I ALWAYS say this...
Some chose not to believe in it
Therefore they remain ignorant of the 6th sense
But those who choose to believe in it
Are indeed psychic~
Best wishes,
psy (guest)
11 years ago (2010-09-21)
all I can say is just practice your abilities more, until you get something very valuable from it that can benefit this planet. If you are guided by spirit, you can email me at the address on my profile and I may be able to help you more.
taffyinky (4 stories) (108 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-20)
your gifts are premonitions (see into the future), clarvoyance, and empathy (feel others emotions). You can also see into a person's past (I think). I forget what the gift is called. You might be able to control energy but I'm not all that sure. Can you direct your energy into certain places or someone else's?

Training with your gifts requires patience and knowledge. You must meditate to help increase your ablilities and other gifts may appear in your life as well. With premonitions, try seeing into the future at little bits of a time. Try seeing the immidiate future then hours away, etc. This helped me control my premonitions and other people as well I think. I don't know how to control clarvoyance even though I have it too. To control empathy, try feeling anothers emotions but be careful. Their emotions can effect you as well. You can create sheilds (though I don't know how) to block out their negative energy (if it is a negative emotion). To direct your energy, just think of a blue light coming from your stomach (I don't know why, I just read it somewhere that said to direct it from your stomach) and see the blue light moving away from your stomach to that area. You might feel a tingly, numbness or presure in that area.

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