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Negative Thinking


This is not necessarily a story I am proud of. But a few year back, My partner's ex wife dropped off her daughter after taking her out for the day. She passed some nasty and racist comments about myself and my children. (mainly due to her own unhappy situation) After she left I was feeling very angry and upset by her insults. That I actually wished for her to have an accident on her 2 hour drive home which involved being hit by a truck. Now I know you guys are probably thinking wow that's just evil. But it was just a spur of the moment feeling and I really didn't put much faith in it ever happening. So after a couple of minutes thinking that, I changed my mind and said to myself how awful I was to think like that and don't be silly I don't want that to happen. But about half an hour or so later she rang her daughter and said she was just side swiped by a truck and ran off the road and was trying to get the courage up to drive home cause she was still shaking. Lucky there was very minimal damage to her car and she was ok. I have never mentioned this to anyone cause I was still thinking Oh my god, did I do that. I have lots of other gifts. But I still can't accept that I do. Which is why I never really thought it could happen. Normally I would never wish harm on another human being or animal. However I do believe in justice and an eye for an eye. But only in extreme circumstances. I quite often have to be careful what I say as it tends to happen. Even if I'm just joking around.

I wouldn't consider this a gift.

But what is it.

Can anyone help me with what this gift or whatever you call it, particular purpose is.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-09-23)
I think most of us would be lying if we said we'd never had a fleeting though of harm to someone who has made us miserable. But like you, most dismiss it quickly and get on with their thoughts. I wouldn't beat yourself up over that - it's normal as long as it doesn't become something you do intentionally after knowing it might be a potential of yours.

There is no way to prove if you caused this person harm with your mind or if it was a coincidence. It may also serve on some level as a note to yourself to watch your thoughts as inevitably they become reality. Her karma came back but so will yours. We should all take note of how we spend our thoughts. All of us have work to do in that regard. You sound cognizant of that so that's good.

As for manifesting things with your mind, you probably have a strong Will center chakra. I posted chakra information under my other website:

Thanks for sharing.

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