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Is This Future Astral Traveling?


I have this weird thing I do. I sleep on my belly and push my upper body up with my arms and my head is pushed right back as far as possible. I sometimes do this for hours and have been told by my partner that my eyes roll back so that only the whites of my eyes can be seen. Sometimes I talk as ell while I'm doing this. Generally in the morning I recall a dream if my partner hasn't interrupted me in this state and told me to lay back down and go to sleep. Which I am generally very compliant and do what he asks. If I'm talking and he interrupts me I am instantly confused about what I was talking about, which made perfect sense at the time. I'm kind of shocked to be drawn back from whatever or wherever my mind was. But if he doesn't interrupt me I can generally recall everything in the morning and tell him of my dreams or whatever it was. They generally turn out to be futuristic events. Recently (last November) I was doing this when I spoke to a large crowd of people who told me they were moving to higher ground because a big wet was coming. Well I live in Australia and most of you would know that that has happened now. But more recently I saw a large fluro green mushroom cloud in the sky with a

Stem that was sitting over the top of houses. At the moment I am unsure what that represents, but I'm sure it will come eventually just like all the previous dreams or astral travels have. (not sure what it is I'm doing) Does any one else experience this or have an idea what this is I'm doing. These two things I mention are not the only ones I have had that come to reality. I have had many of these experiences. I am a fairly big person and this is taking quite a toll on my shoulders. I wake up feeling like I have done some major weights and I'm so tired the next day. (not that I mind) I'm just finding it a very weird experience. Can anyone shed some thoughts or information on what I'm actually doing. Its as if I'm looking out the window into another place and when something from my present place interrupts, the knowledge and vision I'm seeing disappears. Any thoughts on this would be great. Maybe my hubby can stop stressing about me having some kind of fit.

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marcusj0015 (2 stories) (81 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-15)
the interesting thing is, I learned the other day, that I travelled at least 1000 years into the future, by unknowlingly astral projecting. And it was interesting, I was in front of a building, it was huge, at least a mile in the air, and it looked futuristic, glass, and techy.

I can't discribe it.

And then I was back.

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