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Grey And White Specks, A Dream And Dead Cats


1) Some months ago I was woken in the early hours to a cluster of grey & white specks (like old Black and White T.V interference) immediately floating above my head like a small cloud of electrically charged dust particles. There was no sound.

This has only ever happened once - never before.

On swiping the 'dust specks' they disappeared.

Does anyone have any ideas what this experience could have been? Thanks


2) Many years ago I dreamed of a dead cat seen in a gutter. As always I woke my wife on waking from a dream so that I would recall and confirm later any related facts. That morning on driving to work the same black and white cat of the dream was actually seen dead on the roadside in a gutter. A kind of premonition

A few days later our neighbour was searching for her missing cat later to be found dead deep in her garden. The next day another cat was seen lying dead on the side of our road frontage having been hit by a car.

This is a dream but still worthy of a psychic experience too, I think. Particularly the dead cat lying in the gutter an exact copy of the dream - followed by more dead cats in the space of days. Never seen a dead cat since.

I regularly experience similar weird events of apparent little known significance occur right through my life. What is their meaning (1 and 2)?


In days of extreme mental clarity I am able to tap into people's spiritual side (or thoughts) when relating facts in person during conversation. Another topic sometime soon I hope.

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