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Story Of A Psychic Child


I guess I can say that I've always been a psychic. My abilities didn't just appear and I wasn't in an accident in which they came to me. I was simply born this way. Most of the time I didn't know it, but they've always been there.

I can remember lots of experiences with spirits.Generally,I feel a strong presence in the room or hear sounds that no one else can, like music or laughter. I seldom see them,though,but when I do, I can't feel them. At all.

On one specific night, my bedroom was completely infested with spirits. I could feel half, see half and I could hear hissing. Really loud hissing. I can honestly say I haven't turned off my light or closed my door at night since then.

Also, on plenty of occasions I've woken to two men arguing about me, I think.I've never caught much of it, except this time I heard one say,"Just not good enough!"and then he slammed the door and stomped down the hall.Well,a hall, I wouldn't have been able to hear his footsteps so clearly on the carpet in my hall.

I can do more than just see and hear spirits though. Sometimes I can predict the future (only if there's no possible way it can't happen except for dice rolls), feel what my friends feel (like when they're angry or sad), I know when people are lying and, if this makes sense,'feel' right answers on a test or how many people or things are in one area without counting.I'm sure there's more I just don't know about yet.

This is pretty confusing to me, believe it or not. I always seem like I know everything but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could shed some light on why I'm psychic - none of my relatives are/were and no one else in my town is for that matter. Neither of my parents believe in the paranormal, they think I'm crazy.

Well, thanks for reading. Hope you don't feel like you wasted your time.

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