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Under Control Of External Forces


HELP. I would consider calling the police but this is too insane. I am hearing voices everyday, all the time, male & female. I am seeing what one may consider silhouettes almost every one place I turn, near and from my body. I am scared to death. My feeling becoming choked so I cannot cry. My mind, voice and extremities are frequently under the control of something else and I am being molested and feeling sensations, pain in various parts of my body. I do not know whether I am sleeping, my dreams seem to be of another force and I wake up amongst conversation from a voice or two, and immediate abuse by them in my conscious state. I have absolutely realized that a vision of a dream I had once over a year ago became real in the present and I did nothing to investigate, specifically an obvious group of people I did not move towards. There is more but my brain is fried and I am blocked from a TRUTH far too often. Please help I am in fear for my life. I was about to stop typing but there is a need for more words SO I will include, the experience is rapidly escalating. Something I find most disturbing is that I may shield my ears from certain voices, but I hear a high tone sounding in my head of a person, I think a woman, who is chanting my absolute nonsense and confessions which may or not have been my own coping thoughts made vulnerable to repetition. I believe this would be brainwashing. If I were to give in and recite what I hear it sounds like this: "pee poo pie pee pie pee poop pie pee pie pip poop pie something else sweet simple cry cool key code creed..." I found this embarrassing and laughable but I know I am crying. There is no end and worst of all there is a constant rhythm to a voice that is controlling me to move and speak mindlessly along.

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Hail-Dizzy (guest)
10 years ago (2010-09-29)
I believe you may be hearing the dimension that is very close to ours, blocked by a thin veil to most people. That would explain the high tone and why the voices are so quick

curiously_confused (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-29)
wow I can't even imagine it being constant! Mine are not so often but gettin worse... Stay strong
PureCheese (4 stories) (79 posts)
10 years ago (2010-09-28)
Everyone hears voices now
I hear voices too
First please calm down
I lived a "normal" life and I hear voices constantly
And so can you

I never felt them or perhaps I did I am not sure but that doesn't mean you have to panic

It's all about taking control
Even though it may seem hard

Think of a white shield or perhaps if your a g-d believer then think of god
Or anything that you feel will protect you

Do this

Then take another deep breath
And scream with all your might
(Relieving any kind of stress you may have)
Feel superior
You have to tell yourself that you are strong and they can't harm you anymore

Next tell them to leave you alone
That's bad

Now meditate
Ignore the pain and the voices for a second
I SUGGEST looking at sites on how to mediate
This will clear your mind

Support is always the best
AmyCatherine (guest)
10 years ago (2010-09-28)
Calm down. First thing's first,if's the spirits are bothering you, you can easily make it go away. Just tell yourself-I don't want to see this right now. Chances are they'll just disappear. And don't fear for your life, spirits are basically disembodied spirits, they can't hurt you easily. We are the living,we're more powerful than the dead-don't let them steal your soul,it's yours. Hope this helped ❤

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