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Sleep Paralysis, Lucid Dream


Maybe some of you know about sleep paralysis. I did some search in the internet, and that's what it called. A condition when we realize we're awake, yet our body is still sleeping.

It happen several times when I'm between 9-12 years old. At night I was sleeping and having a nightmare then woke up, I heard some ringing in my ears and I tried to move, but I can't. I felt something above my head which is black and evil, and I scared. It's hard to breath so I tried to call my parents which in the same room, but no voice came out. So I struggle in fear until tired and go to sleep. It was happening in about 5 or 10 minutes, I'm not sure.

After some times, I was getting used to it. I still fear every time it happens, but not as intense as the first. Luckily After I moved house, it never happen again.

I also have some repeating nightmares, about a calm line in black and white color moving and clashing each other, forming nozzle streak and It looks terrible. Following with a black face with evil laugh. Usually afterward I awoke sweating and feeling uneasy. This dream never come anymore.

I also have dream about chased by spirit who live in my scary part of the old house, and I have to pass him so I can meet with other people. He always wear red t-shirt and blue jeans. Sometimes I aware it was a dream, and I anticipate it with taking another way, or running really fast or jumping high. But I still end up being caught in a dead end, then I awake.

Later and still happening now, I became more aware in dream. In condition I'm not really tired when I go to sleep. Mostly the dream is about running away and I can get away by flying or breathing underwater. Few I had a nice dream which I'm aware of, I can do anything I want, and I don't want to wake up:)

Sometimes when I think about God or when I pray, or when I was in dark places, I got a goosebumps.

Well... That's all. I hope someone can give me their opinion about my experience, so I can understand a little. Thanks beforehand.

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ganekon (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2011-06-10)
I found another meaning of the dream about white and black lines. The fallen angel lucifer, is the bearer of light. He tends to be jealous easily to humans. Therefore, he wouldn't let anyone with 'light' element went easily, because he thinks he is the true bearer of light. Ie: any name with 'light' meaning will have many obstacles in life. And white line in the dreams I think it resembles the light.

VictorV, do you have anything to do with light?
ganekon (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
Hi VictorV,
Yes... That was what the same dream. I'm not sure about the body feelings destroyed after the muffles sound. Maybe the contrast feelings is what make us feel terrible.

I had this dream more than twice as far as I can remember.
I was between 8 and 10 years old, I can't recall the exact number, sorry.
We both had similar dreams... Maybe because we experienced something similar that appear in our subconscious.
Or... The crazy idea is... We meant to prevent it from happening. Prevent for the white and black to clashes, And prevent the evil grinning face to laugh. How about you?
ganekon (1 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-19)
Sevastiel, you're awesome:)
My questions were answered from science and spiritual point of view.
About the sleep paralysis. I forgot if I ever give in to them or not, and yes; I should never let them. My cousins had many experience with SP more than me. They were three siblings, and two of them saw something jump at them and strangle their neck.

About the line, I think my foot is between them. Or should I say the thin gray line. And I was an Idealist and thought that I can only mating with my own wife. LOL

Dream about spirit in my old house. The area I'm afraid to visit is the storehouse. And it always come from that place. I don't know who started the rumor about: "that place is scary". I don't think anyone did, but we just feel scared, maybe because it was almost never been visited.
The dead end place I always end up whenever chased down was the bathroom in the first floor. It contains 2 big water storage, and I always afraid to put my hands in there. In my dream, I feel something evil from it.
And last time, the spirit from the storeroom chased me to the bathroom.
Maybe you're right, I must face it. Since at that time, that's what I'm most afraid of.
Can you tell me about your dream when you refuse to face life's issues?

About underwater dream, You seems to know much about water. What is the thing that can not look, or breath underwater? What do you mean by understand and accepting the water? How do we find the meaning of ourselves and get a clear picture of our souls? And I think I don't think I've known my true self.

"there is nothing that can enter our presence without being seen doing so. It takes constant awareness to accomplish this, which isn't easy". Can you please explain more about it?

"And if you get the tingles, warm-cold-waves or goose-bumps when you think of God or pray or just think of/to Him with your heart, then it's certainly not a bad thing. Just doing that invites Him closer. He won't interefere if you don't ask Him to. Sometimes he won't even when you do because He'll want the victory to be yours" 😊 I think so too, sometimes when I talk about this to my friend, he made fun of me by saying that I got possessed, that's why I got goosebumps or tingles. LOL

Thanks Sevastiel, and sorry for the long reply.
VictorV (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-10-03)
Hi Ganekon,

I have had the same reocurring bliss dream and nightmare of a straight black line that moves in a white plane but then clashes. When the black line is moving straight and smooth, I feel comfort, peace, almost bliss. However, when that line starts crashing up and down and becomes a mess I hear this loud muffled sound and my body instantly begins to feel destroyed, its the worst feeling I've ever had. But this only exists in the dream. I use to have it a lot as a kid.

How many times did you have this dream?
And, how old were you?
Also, what do you think it means that we both have had similar dreams?
Sevastiel (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-30)
The paralysis itself can often be physiological in nature. I've had it many times, sometimes even before actually going all the way to sleep. But I have had experiences where it feels like something else is there. Only once with any fear (and quickly followed by my own anger at whatever it was). Sometimes I just can't move, but what's there doesn't feel threatening, so I just wait calmly since I know it'll pass.

Nothing negative has ever been able to paralyze me after that first episode, though there have been attempts at what I felt were attacks. None ever succeed because I know they cannot unless we allow them to. Refuse to allow it and you have nothing to fear. There is a reason dark things must use lies and subterfuge to gain power; they cannot force our will unless we give our will to them. Even those which mock and laugh at you when you refuse to allow them to harm you 'still' aren't doing anything. They're trying to make you 'believe' they can so that, then, after you 'do' believe their mockery and boasting, they'll be able to. Even caught in the lie they continue to try to lie in the hopes that it'll wear at you and you'll finally give in.

Not even Creation will force us against our wills, even if we choose to act against creation itself. That is one important and definitive line between light/dark entities/energies.

As symbols black and white can represent the cliche idea of good and evil, though black doesn't always mean evil. If you have it no more then it probably reflected some choices you were making "drawing the line" between these ideals within yourself. Some people feel this more intensely than others, and we all receive messages of this nature off and on throughout life in various manner, usually when the world we know and the life we live tries to force us to make self-judgments as to 'which side we're on'. There doesn't 'have' to be a side.

The dream with the spirit in your house can have many meanings, from literal through the typical metaphoric. If your house is/was haunted, it may be exactly as you perceived and felt it; though the last part of you being trapped at a dead end would only be your rational fears of not being able to get away (no matter what version of interpretation). The key to remember is the same as above; they have no power but that which we agree to give them.

If it's not literal, meaning if it's not the spirit trying to harass you, then it's your subconscious using a symbol it knows well from your previous experiences in order to get you to pay attention to what it's telling you about something else you're fearful of and refusing to face. I've had these before as well. When we refuse to face life's issues, the subconscious is not above exciting us and causing us a great deal of fear in order to get our attention. This use of a previous symbol of fear in your life may be your higher self telling you that there is something that is preventing you from interacting with other people in some fashion.

The flying I do all the time. I used to have lots of dreams about being underwater, safe, secure and breathing fine. For me it was also a means of evading those who were not able to breath the water or see into its depths. I understand these symbols because I've had them much myself.

The flying and lack of limitations are the mark of a free-spirited soul and a desire to just live life without all the demands made upon you; to just be able to be yourself and be accepted and not have to go out of your way just to make your way in life. It is also a reflection of your ability to do so once you understand and accept the water, which...

I don't dream much of escaping via the water anymore. The water is the primordial within, the well that never runs dry, where all answers to all questions wait for us to find them. It is home. It is the womb. It is terrifying like the bottomless depths of the ocean but always quenches the thirst since it cannot be drained. There's a reason it's comfortable and provides escape.

To escape via the water is a message to do some soul searching and look within for what it is that's bothering you. It's mostly a journey to understand the emotions we may not be aware of, which are causing much stress/difficulty/pain in our lives. In doing so, we find the meaning of ourselves and get a clear picture of our souls. Once that picture becomes clear, it becomes easy to notice when something else is trying to make us into something other than what we truly are. When we can do that, there is nothing that can enter our presence without being seen doing so. It takes constant awareness to accomplish this, which isn't easy.

Goosebumps in the dark and the perception that there is something there is an expected instinctual response. It's a survival, fight or flight thing we still have in our animal nature.

That 'doesn't' mean it always means that. I've experienced both and there 'is' a difference, mainly in the perspective you feel the fear coming from (at least for me). When it's just me being afraid of the dark, the fear is unfocused and comes from deep down. When it's something else causing it, dark or not, then it's 'right there' within reach, almost on the surface; like the difference between 'knowing' you're being watching and 'thinking' you're being watched because you feel like you are. (If that makes sense)

Experience will define those boundaries for you if you are sensitive to these things.

And if you get the tingles, warm-cold-waves or goose-bumps when you think of God or pray or just think of/to Him with your heart, then it's certainly not a bad thing. Just doing that invites Him closer. He won't interefere if you don't ask Him to. Sometimes he won't even when you do because He'll want the victory to be yours. Even parents understand that, sometimes, they must let their child stumble and fall in order to learn how to walk, run and fly.

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