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Dream And Premonitions Of An Old Friend


For about 4 nights in a row I kept having the same dream/premonition. Anyway, whenever I would close my eyes I would see a guy pulling out of a driveway, then when he was going around the corner I would see 2 lights coming at him and they would crash. That part of the premonition ended when my father told me one of my friends had died in a car accident that day around noon on his way to work at Wallmart. For about 2 weeks after that when I would close my eyes I would see him trying to pull his body up and he had his hand reaching out to me saying help me, help me...please. At our 4th of July party I was hanging with some of his other friends and his family. His mom that night showed me his class ring. When she put it in my hand I felt the sense of love and I could feel him with us. At that point I stopped having the premonitions. And I realized how much he loved his family and how much they loved him. It was sad he died at only 17 but it really freaks me out how I knew how he was going to leave this world. I would like to know how to interpret these premonitions/dreams better since my family doesn't believe me. So if anybody could help me. Please comment on this story as soon as possible. Thanks

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Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-02)
Some precognitive dreams are easy to decipher and some are not. My question? Have you tried writing dreams into a journal sometimes this helps with interpretation


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