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Since I was really little I always felt like I was never alone. My parents would also worry about me because, I would start crying or freaking out when I would close my eyes because I would be getting a premonition. Also they would worry about me because, at one moment I would be jumping up and down with excitement and then I would be depressed.

Every once in a while I will see somebody and they will look at me then disappear. Also every once in awhile I can definitely tell my moms mood and why she is feeling that way or I can feel pain where she does. I've recently discovered 9 spirits in my house and some of them can change into forms of my family and they will look totally vivid. My cousin and I also share some of the same talents/skills and we play this game of guess the card and I've became pretty good at it. One time I locked myself in my room and my door knob would shake violently and would I would say something it would stop. It did that about 3 times and when I finally opened my door nothing was there and my brother was downstairs. Also after I opened the door it all stopped, except the fact that I could hear my brother calling my nickname and he would always say it wasn't him. Yes I understand that siblings would lie about something like that but after awhile he would admit it was him and he never has. I'm really confused over what I am and I would love to become better at my gift but I'm lost. So if anybody could help me please tell me.

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Doctorbug (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-07)
Well, I read this over and I came up with one of your talents, you are an empath, since you could feel your mom's pain and know her mood (by feeling it, I bet).
Excuse me if I don't make too much sense, but you can see and hear things that most people can't because they just aren't open. I'm not sure what that one is called, though. You know, to help develop your gifts, try talking to a friend or a family member and pretend your them, and you might be able to sense their emotions. I'm only really sure about you being an empath because I'm one myself. 😊
I'm not totally sure on what you are and how to help any other of your gifts, but I'm sure you'll find out.

Sammeh ❤

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