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Strange But Good Things


I don't know if this has happened to anybody before but a few months ago I was laid in bed with my eyes shut trying to go to sleep when all I heard was my name being said, the voice sounded very clear as tho the person was sat on the edge of my bed and it sounded familiar but I wasn't sure, my mother passed away when I was 15years old but before she passed away she always said if anything happened to her that she would never come to see me in the after life, maybe she changed her mind, I moved house a 2 weeks later, and in my new house I don't see or hear anybody, which is a shame I liked the company when my partner is at work, anybody else had anything like this happen to them?...i have had other experiences before like my nana coming to see me, everyone was asleep in the house and for some reason I couldn't sleep, I even tried counting sheep haha, the next thing I knew was that my bedroom door opened and I felt this strange sensation like I knew that their was somebody their, I got up to see if it was one of my siblings, but their was nobody on the other side of the door, I got back into bed and I knew then that it was my nana I said nana please go away your scaring me, baring in mind I was 12 at the time, my door closed and everything felt normal, I thought I dreampt it, and I used to see ghosts all the time, I hav done since I was a child, I also get premonitions sometimes too. Anybody else get premonitions?

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