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Since I was young, I started to hear and feel presences. I tried to ignore it as much as possible, and eventually it went away. Until, one night when I was 16 I had an experience that I've never forget. I went to bed like nothing, but I started to hear and feel the presences again. I know it was not just one but many. I went to sleep thinking it was nothing, but later on that night I woke up and had the urge to go to the bathroom. I got up and went to reach for the door when I noticed that my hand when through the door knob, I got scared and turned around and saw a figure standing there near my bed. I couldn't see it properly because it was dark and couldn't get my eyes to focus properly.

At first I thought I was dreaming, but I could see my body laying on the bed and my sister's on hers. A voice was talking to me but I couldn't hear it properly. I felt an urge to leave the bedroom through the window, but I got scared and when back to my laying body. When I open my eyes, I realized it wasn't a dream because I felt everything. I didn't mention anything to my family members because I didn't want to scared anyone. I had known about this experience because my mother also has them. She can also see in dreams what happens in reality before it does and can leave her body, however she's scared of pursuing her abilities.

My father also has knowledge of this because he studies this and has an understanding that he tells me I will soon obtain when I'm ready. Time passed and I would still feel the presences and something always with me. Now, 20 years old, and recently I had the most amazing experience. I was starting meditation when one day I was so concentrated that I could heard a melody. I knew that the presence that has always been with me was manifesting itself. At that moment, my father got home and interrupted my connection.

I watch psychic shows, like mention on this site. Since watching this I feel that I experience more things, another night a hand grab my ankle. I could feel heat there around it. Once again, I got scared and prayed trying to ignored it. I've been researching about paranormal, and sometimes I find answers and sometimes I don't. I wish someone knew what is happening to me because I have no idea. There are many things that are scaring me and I'm not sure how to behave or handle it. I get scared sometimes of being alone, because that's when I really can heard things. What I heard is not clear because I tried to ignore it so much. However the presences are still there.

I'm wondering if perhaps this can be passed on to family members, because my mother experiences things as well. She tries not to talk about it so therefore I have no one to ask. Why am I so attract it to the psychic world? I'm wondering everyday, and still not answer. Everywhere I go, I get feelings but I tried to ignore it since many who I hang out with are skeptical. I'm not sure what to think or do.

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Light07 (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-19)

Thank you for replying, I'm still questioning myself of why since a young age I'm so attracted to all this. For me is a challenge to understand, and I am aware that sometimes trying to understand something can drive you insane. I hope that at some point I see clarity in my life.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-14)
The way to pursue is that back to the melody you heard. Try to remember it before you meditate. For where such a positive thing is as music - not noise or Rap or drums only but a melody - there can't be an evil thing. Nonetheless a thing which is good as itself can become bad by too much attachment to it. By too much dwelling on it.
If you dwell on it, your own half-baked ideas and those from the mass media will mingle with the aspects of truth, of reality, you know, and you will sometimes just imagine having contact to ghosts. These imaginations will add to your real experiences and get you scared.
Leave off books and shows altogether.
What comes to you then is untainted by clich├ęs.
I spoiled my feeling for what I am meself and what I am on Earth for, very much by reading too much literature on psychology and "life-help", when a medical student. I had to leave this off completely in order to remain sane. I even, later on, did some major things in private life very wrong because of illusory ideas about what a functioning adult human has to be able to, which I had from books of that kind.
Seems to me, to you a German proverb applies, as it did to me in some aspects:
"Too much education can make you a dude!"

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