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Premonitions Or The Law Of Attraction?


HELP ME! I am scared, and having a hard time dealing with this! My story is not the usual. I've had "premonitions" since I was a young child, I'm able to visualize something, and then it happens. If I focus, put emotion into it, direct all of my attention and energy toward a specific subject, even without acting upon it, it will come TRUE. I often feel like I'm going crazy, as if I am MAKING everything happen, though I know that can't be the case. But who says it isn't? In this world of infinite possibilities, anything can happen and we will never know the true answer!

My visualizations become true even faster when I write them down on paper, or say them out loud to people or on the internet. When it's in my brain and I think long and hard about it enough, it will come true, but as soon as it leaves my mouth or hands it's true even faster. But they come to me in visions, I get a "feeling" when something is going to happen, TRUST the voice within speaking to me, and as I predicted- it happens. Sometimes these "feelings" come naturally, other times I just write down what I think will happen and it happens. I've heard of the Law of Attraction. Could this be in play here?

Most of my "feelings" are similar to intuition, they're very strong emotionally and as soon as I make eye contact with those in question of the situation, I can concur precisely if my gut feeling is true or not. 99.9% of the time it is true. I feel like I'm going crazy. Please, I hope someone out there has this same stuff happening to them because I am really scared by it.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2012-04-10)
thefragile, normally when the mind is clear.
And we focus our mind with our emotions behind our will it can bring things to us.

Much of what you described is your higher self showing
You what will happen to a person and channelling this info.

If the information is negative you can always move your consiousness upward and ask certain questions?
Such as what is the best possiblity for so and so?

It is interesting that the human will can change therefore the future and possible probabilites can change.

I can only say I have seen a future for a close loved one.
But the matter of their choice in life played the road in one direction and closed 2 other life parter choices. But so goes Free Will each human has the right to choose and live the path they so choose.

The channelling is very strange as one has to keep the mind very open. I always want to see what spirit sees and not what I feel. Even though my feeling may be right. I want to bring across what spirit has for the person. In hopes that the best and highest would shine so they could take the best road.

Sometimes I will stand a few minutes asking this and that.
And I get a straight answer on what directiion Spirit wants for the individual.

Other times I am given information but have to wait until the person is ready. To give what words have been given to me.
I think timing is everything.

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