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Cleansing Chakra?


So when I get really stressed out, I will take time out of my day and will just sit and meditate. I am very, very connected to everything that is going on while I do this.

Well the most recent time I did this I was well beyond angry, I do not like feeling like this because I feel as if someone will just say something wrong and I may become violent (temper this bad for me is EXTREMELY rare.) While stewing in what was going on I decided I am going to sit here find the right music and start just a 15 minute meditation period. While doing this I would let the beat of the music relax and soothe me, as I did this more and more my body on its own started to sway to the music. I started to feel honestly connected and in tune with the music and myself this felt as if I was in much deeper meditation that I have ever been in.

My mantra during this was breathe in the positive and exhale and spit out the negative. I continued saying this in my mind while in tune with the music for what seemed to be hours, I started to feel my body relax only to out of nowhere I see these orange beads leaving my body into a pink cloud above my head, the more I continued my mantra the more it would relax me. After watching these beads swirl around and above my head for again felt like hours I would see another line of beads coming in and connecting to my heart and these ones were pink. I finally relaxed and just watched myself be filtered, again this is something I have never seen before while meditating. But I will say when I was finished I have never felt so relaxed and had forgotten what exactly I was angry at.

Could this have been me cleaning my chakra and restoring the positivity because I was afraid of my own temper? I have tried to reenact this but have been unsuccessful. Any helpful tips?

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Mannerizms (guest)
8 years ago (2012-04-11)
That does make a lot of sense, I know as of lately I have not been meditating as I need to and stress is building up in a horrible, horrible way. I shall be doing this again, I did enjoy seeing myself recycle all of my energy but I have not been able to find anything online explain why it was like this, is it something that doesn't happen often and is just a new way my body reacted when I wanted to just cleanse myself? 😳
PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-11)
In part the 3 lower chakras are referred to as
The subtle bodies.
3rd Chakra (mental) deals with mind, and thoughts, ideas
2nd Chakra (Emotion) deals with emotions, feels
1st Chakra (Root) deals with the earth plane, or activity in this world.

Each chakra also deals with planes, as well as with
Organs and functions of the body.
In part this is why it is a good idea to connect with them and by meditating and cleansing we see
Arch type images that represent situations that affect
Us. For we are a spirit having a human experience,
Hence embracing the human side will align our spirit
Being to open and sense the higher realms in which we
Were designed for it is our true purpose.
Mannerizms (guest)
8 years ago (2012-04-11)
I have noticed each time that I have meditated after this incident it has never been the same, I'm wondering if maybe it had to do with the state my mind and body were in? What do you think? 😕
PathR (4 stories) (1245 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-10)
Mannerizms from everything you have described.
You were cleansing your emotinal and mental bodies, this extended to the heart. But the interesting part
Of it moving upward away and the color changed, thus describing the energy that left you being cleansed in a recycled manner.

That in itself is a key for use.

When we try to recreate a meditation.
Our Vibrations are constantly changing.
So inpart this is why it can be difficult to achieve
The same exact experience. Another belief we evolve and are a little different, if nothing more than on a vibrational level.

A good point would be to take deep breaths and then focus upward, asking your her self to inspire and show you what to use. You will be surprized about what will come to you.

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