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Chakra Problems


Recently, my aunt has confirmed a suspicion that I've had: That my Root, Sacral and Navel chakras are closed. My Third Eye is over active.

I have diverticulitis (my aunt said it was associated with navel chakra), practically no sex drive, and it's extremely difficult for me to express needs and desires. Those are only the surface of my problems correlated to the aforementioned chakras, but they're all associated with the closed three. I've been working on opening them, but I'm running into some problems.

Visualization is extremely difficult for me because my mind is rarely quiet (that's also what makes it hard to meet my spirit guide, but that's for another time). I would purchase a sound bowl or crystals, but my family doesn't have the money, and I'm not really allowed to go to those kinds of stores. They're too far away and my dad probably won't approve of me going.

So far, I've been forcing myself to voice my needs and challenging myself to speak up so I can become comfortable with the fact that I have a voice, since I'm extremely soft-spoken. As for the others... I don't really know how to approach those. To nerf my third eye, I've been doing more meditating, but being an empathetic does make it difficult. I go to high school, and I haven't quite nailed shielding myself yet.

I've come to ask for some alternative methods, or maybe hear some practices that you all have used so I can find a way to open the closed chakras and slow down the overactive one to achieve balance.

P.S: My internet has been going in and out lately, so I may not be able to be in the comments as much as I'd like, but rest assured I'll pop in when I can.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-18)
I know by looking at the disease if would reflect in the chakras.
But with Chakras and disease, this can due to heredity with would show within the Ketheric Template, and around the Casual chakra.
Even if it is not inherit, it will show around the 2nd chakra, and the Casual, until it reaches the Ketheic Template.

I only sense you are sensative as well.
But as you were honest to state you own internal workings.

There are two Homeopathic Remdies: Psorinum
This will also help skin.
Asking for the highest dose 200c.
If you do not get a change!
Use Argenticum.
I would recommend using at night.
This can also help with depression work on the 2nd chakra and 3rd eye.
The cost is minimal possibly 7-10 dollars and you can research this to show your parents. Homeopathy is referred to Alternative Therapy. It does not go against a persons religious beliefs.
With the remedies you will have to listen for any emotinal agitation, you should stop.

Proteolytic enzmes by Natures Plus.
Spirolina will help with Amino's and minerals needed.
L-Tyrosine Amino will help with the Colon.

Immediately use: Alpha to Delta Music on You Tube.
No cost to you!
Use what feels comfortable, and listen to the affects on your body.

Other methods would be learn Tai Chi (Yang), and
See about Yin Style Ba Gui (Yin).
Yang has to do with the physical.
Yin has to do with the internal organs and strenghening them, reversing disease or congested Chakras.
Some of this if you choose, you can get a book or DVD from a Public Library, or on line.
Both Tai Chi Yang Style have exercise one can practice on the floor, and help the Energy flow (Chi).
You will actually feel it working. It also helps to train the body and mind connection.

Once you are feeling a point of balance, then if you wish you can balance, clear chakras.

Once you get the discomfort undercontrol.
The Methods by Mochi can be practiced.

When you are working if you find a person whom practices Chinese Acupuncture without all the Chinese herbs and has a good reputation. They can acutally clear the imbalance, to put the disease into remission.

Another area to consider is using Organic foods.
If you have an area in the back yard, possibly consider growing your own. It is also grounding as
You can speak or sing in the garden. Which helps the
Plants grow as well as serve as your own support system so you can tell your troubles to, plus good fresh air is also beneficial in feelings of well being.

Good Journey

Show_Me (11 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-18)
Well for chakra, there is a chakra clearing method. YouTube chakra clearing, reiki, healing touch, aura clearing, and energy healing. You can YouTube it can they will pop up.

Usually its energy blockage in your chakras. Do reiki to clear your chakras.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
Closed chakras usually correspond to inactive, suppressed, or weak areas of life. Since you wish to fix your chakras, perhaps working both on the chakras and the things they correspond to would be beneficial.

To move towards and maintain a balanced chakra system, I'd recommend during meditation to open each chakra in turn, and then close each chakra. Or perhaps, try to close the overactive ones and open the closed ones. Balance is important though.

As for working from the life side, it's good that you're trying to speak up. To work more on your throat chakra, try singing (if you're shy, where no-one can hear you), drawing, writing poetry, or other ways of expressing yourself. For root chakra, try exercising. For sacral chakra, try stimulating your emotions, for example watching emotional movies. If you're really concerned about your sex drive, you could try doing solitary work on that (not that I'm trying to corrupt innocent youth). For naval chakra, try working on your will. Setting up a daily habit like exercising or meditating every morning at a specific time might work. (And no excuses if you start it, otherwise the work will go to naught.) If you learn the associations of the chakras, you can probably make up relevant exercises yourself.

93 93/93
Mochi (5 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-14)
You could always say some of the mantras associated with the chakras while in a meditative position. For the root it would be Lam, Sacral: Vam, Naval: Ram.
If that doesn't work, you could have someone put their hands on the place on the body that is associated with the chakra in question (base of the spine for the root chakra, The sacral bone in the spine for the sacral chakra, and slightly below the solar plexus for the naval chakra) and see the color associated with the chakra while focusing on that area (or do it on yourself, but I find it doesn't work as well). I hope that helps. 😁

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